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Required by the Canadian Coast Guard for boats up to 8 meters (26 feet) long Contents: • 15 meter (50 ft.) Buoyant Heaving Line • Bailer (Watertight container)
• Sound Signaling Device (Pealess whistle) • Improved Watertight Flashlight (batteries not included)
ORDER NO. 737-20164	Mfr.No. LL-2 For more information see:
For pleasure craft up to 8 meters
The bailer is actually a watertight container, which can be attached to the buoyant line for maximum heaving distance. Check your Canadian Coast Guard Safe Boating Guide for further requirements.
Kit Contains:
• 1 - 15 metre Buoyant Heaving Line • 1 - Bailer (unique watertight container) • 1 - Sound Signaling device (Pealess Whistle) • 1 - Watertight Flashlight
(2AA batteries not included)
SEA-LIGHT for Paddling Safety
ORDER NO. 382-07790
• The Scotty Ball System joint design enables a smooth and complete full range of motion for the Sea-Light
• The corrosion proof construction of this system provides a long service life in both fresh and salt water applications as it is designed with stainless steel fasteners and a stainless pole
• Includes ACR detachable, fully sealed LED C-LightTM • Includes a bright 20 Lumen White LED for location assistance during emergencies • Easy twist ON/OFF activation that is waterproof tested • Impact resistant construction and is USCG/SOLAS Approved • C-LightTM is easily removed and can be attached to life jackets, backpacks or hang
Base Mount Dimensions: 2 1/4′′ x 2 1/4′′ Overall Height: Stands 41′′ tall Sea-Light Pole Diameter: 1/2”
ORDER NO. 382-08380
Mfr. No. 838
from a pocket • C-LightTM requires two “AA” 1.5V batteries (batteries not included) • C-LightTM has an extensive and continuous operating life for over 30 hours
A safety kit for outdoor emergency preparedness
• Kit is compact and easy transport • Includes the essential items you should carry
with you on any outdoor adventure • Xplorer LED light has an ABS plastic body with 3 LED lights;
Each LED light can reach up to 13000 MCD; Push button to change modes - 4 modes: ON, 50% ON, SOS Mode (Flashing), OFF
• Whistle is efficient and easy to blow • Signaling mirror is labeled with instructions for use • Fire starter is a compact fire starter with steel magnesium rod and metal striker;
Rod & striker are attached by a metal chain keeping product secure together;
Works in all conditions • Compass has magnifying glass and map measurements • 550 Paracord is light and strong; Strength of 550 pounds: Mildew & rot resistant • Emergency blanket is gold on the outside and silver on the inside;
The silver side can be used as a signaling device; Reflects body heat back to body;
Wind and waterproof • Contents of safety kit fit into a waterproof bag
For more information see:
Mfr. No. 779
Kit Contains:
• Fox40 Xplorer LED Light with Strap & Carabiner • Fox40 Micro® Pealess Safety Whistle (110dB) • Signal Mirror • Fire Starter
• Compass • 550 Paracord • Emergency Blanket • Waterproof Bag ORDER NO. 561-92806 Mfr. No. 7928-0600
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