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Against Splitting or Bursting....If it fails we’ll replace it!
You take a lot of pride in your boat, and part of that pride is its color scheme. Too often, the colors of your accessories just never seem to match up quite right with the boat’s gelcoat, or with each other, leaving it with a variety of mis-matched colors at the dock.
That’s why Taylor Made is introducing True ColorTM. Our team of engineers has spent countless hours creating color mixes for our fenders and accessories to closely match the most popular colors used in OEM’s gelcoats and trim.
So, when choosing a brand to outfit your boat, choose Taylor Made®...the only marine accessory company with true colors.
• Unique oval shape prevents rolling • Molded in football needle style valve is integrally molded
into the fender, not glued like the competition. • Seamless one piece construction • High gloss finish • Guaranteed for the life of your boat!
White Order No. 101-10210 101-10220 101-10230 101-10280 101-10240
Blue Order No. 104-41021 104-41022 104-41023
Cranberry Order No.
105-31022 105-31023 105-31028
Hunter Green Order No.
105-41022 105-41023 105-41028
Navy Order No.
105-71022 105-71023 105-71028
Black Order No.
103-31722 103-31723
D x L Size
4.5" x 16" 5.5" x 20" 6.5" x 23" 8.5" x 27" 10.5" x 30"
Captain’s Navy Order No.
112-52057 112-62357 112-82657
Boat Size
10' to 15' 15' to 20' 20' to 25' 25' to 35' 35' to 50'
Aurora Gold Order No.
112-52079 112-62379 112-82679
Taylor Made Products introduces fender pearlescent color technology. Storm GardTM fenders are in a class of their own, and feature all the same great qualities and Life Time Guarantee as the standard Hull Gard®, Super GardTM and Big BTM fenders.
•Integrated color agents provide added luster in sunlight. •Rubber football needle valve for easy inflation and long life. •Color matches depth of gelcoats on most boats. •Valve seats are integrally molded into the fender, not glued in like the competition. •PATENTED DESIGN Pearlescent color process provides deeper richer colors. •Reinforced molded-in eyelets
•Made in the USA
The ULTIMATE Finishing Touch to Your Boat!
White Order No.
112-52000 112-62300 112-82600
Mid Atlantic Blue Order No.
112-52004 112-62304 112-82604
Black Onyx Order No.
112-52007 112-62307 112-82607
Silver Mist Order No.
112-52047 112-62347 112-82647
Burgundy Order No.
112-52053 112-62353 112-82653
Emerald Green Order No.
112-52054 112-62354 112-82654
D x L Size
5.5" x 20" 6.5" x 22" 8.5" x 27"
Boat Size
15' to 20' 20' to 25' 25' to 35'
Recommended inflation is 2 psi. * The most accurate way to select the right fender for your boat is to survey your docking area to find out what fender is in use for the same size and weight as your boat, in terms of fender dimensions and quantities, and use that as a guideline
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