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This balanced cylinder features a compact design that fits most splashwells. BayStar allows you to install all of the safety, reliability and comfort of hydraulic steering onto your boats rated up to MAX. 150HP. Combine this with the superior design, rigid ISO quality control and teamed with the finest materials and precision manufacturing.
BayStar continues the tradition bringing comfort and safety to boating.	Outboard Compact Cylinder . . . . . . . . . . . . HC4645H-3 / 036-46450-3
NOTE: Mercury Optimax should use SeaStar cylinders Not recommended for use on high performance engines
Outboard Compact Cylinder - Honda	. . . . . HC4647H-3 / 036-46470-3 Outboard Compact Cylinder - short plate . . HC4648H-3 / 036-46480-3 Outboard Compact Cylinder - Yamaha . . . . HC4658H-3 / 036-46580-3
NEW SEALING SYSTEM • State of the art proprietary seal material • Similar to Tournament 2 • Excellent resistance to compression set • 8 hole end gland design for improved
SeaStar Solutions, the leader in hydraulic and mechanical marine steering, has introduced a new outboard hydraulic cylinder featuring upgrades to the barrel, sealing system and fittings. These upgrades are designed to keep pace with the introduction of heavier higher horsepower engines found on today’s new boats.
Note: Order numbers ending with -3 represent updated cylinder style.
• Updated styling & branding • Robust barrel
Outboard FM PP Cylinder. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . O/B FM PP Cylinder (115-130HP Honda). . . . O/B FM PP Cylinder (‘77-’90 OMC) . . . . . . . . O/B FM PP Cylinder (225HP 4-Stroke Yam.) . .
ORB FITTINGS • Adjustable stainless steel
O-ring seal (ORB) fittings
SEASTAR FRONT MOUNT OUTBOARD CYLINDERS SeaStar Outboard Hydraulic Steering offers three models of steering cylinders to suit most applications. The standard and most commonly used model is the Front Mount Steering Cylinder HC5345-3/47/48/58. Before ordering it is necessary to determine the best possible application for your boat, taking into account the hull design, speed and usage of the boat. Keep in mind that engines today have become larger, more powerful and heavier than in the past.
SEASTAR PRO FRONT MOUNT OUTBOARD CYLINDERS The SeaStar Pro Front Mount Outboard Cylinders have keyed support brackets to prevent racking of the cylinder which gives it a more solid feel and more robust bushings.
SeaStar PRO Outboard cylinders are suited for all those critical high speed, single powered outboard boats, like Bass, Flats, combo Race/Ski and other performance orientated boats capable of speeds in excess of 65mph. All SeaStar PRO systems require the use of a SeaStar PRO helm and SeaStar PRO (1500psi) rein- forced Kevlar hoses only!
HC5345-3 / 036-53450-3 HC5347-3 / 036-53470-3 HC5348-3 / 036-53480-3 HC5358-3 / 036-53580-3
Outboard Pro FM PP Cylinder	. . . . . . . . . . . . HC6345-3 / 036-63450-3 O/B Pro FM PP Cylinder (Yamaha) . . . . . . . . . HC6358-3 / 036-63580-3
Keyed Support Bracket
Robust Bushings
SEASTAR TOURNAMENT SERIES CYLINDERS Extreme heavy duty cylinders and tie bars designed for primarily high performance multiple engine applications. Also available for single engine applications. This heavy duty universal cylinder features reversible bolt on stainless steel tie bar plates that are suitable for use with all SeaStar Helms and SeaStar Power Assist.
Outboard Tournament Series Cylinder, Front Mount . . . HC6845 / 036-68450 Outboard Tournament Series Cylinder, Front Mount . . . HC6845S / 036-68450-S
comes with Single Engine Hardware Kit
Note: Order numbers ending with -3 fitted with positionable O-Ring Fittings For more information see:

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