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Clean & Protect Your Boat
409-75321	409-62320	408-77641	408-76161	409-88321	409-62321	409-59321	409-89321
ULTIMATE FABRIC GUARD • Helps block UV rays that cause
fading & drying • Restores water repellency to
older fabrics • Ideal for protecting boat covers
and tops, awnings, cushions, tents, tarps and other outdoor fabrics
ORDER NO. 409-75321
Size: 32 oz.
For more information see:
ULTIMATE FIBERGLASS STAIN REMOVER • Gel formula "sticks" where
applied for maximum cling
time and cleaning power • Removes "yellowing" and
tough waterline and many more
ULTIMATE XTREME PROTECTANT • Protects fiberglass, gel-coat,
carbon fiber, vinyl, plastic, rubber, and finished leather from fading and cracking
• Enhances shine and appearance of all treated surfaces
ULTIMATE PONTOON DECK CLEANER • Safe for all decks, carpets and vinyl • Protective polymers help
repel stains
and UV rays • Lake-safe formula can
be used near the water
ORDER NO. 409-63320
Size: 32 oz.
restore dull aluminum pontoon boats, canoes and jon boats
• Use Ultimate Aluminum Polish as step 2.
ORDER NO. 408-77641
Size: 64 oz.
ULTIMATE ALUMINUM POLISH W/ PTEF® • Formulated to preserve the finish
of aluminum pontoon boats,
canoes and jon boats • PTEF® polymers provide UV protection and help repel dirt
and stains • Use after Aluminum
Cleaner/Restorer to enhance the look of older boats
ORDER NO. 408-76161
Size: 16 oz.
ULTIMATE VINYL GUARD WITH PTEF • Enhances appearance and UV
protection to all vinyl, rubber,
plastic and leather surfaces • Formulated to restore suppleness
to vinyl exposed to sunlight and
leather • Special polymers helps repel stains
ULTIMATE VINYL CLEAN • Formulated to remove tough stains,
greasy smears and grime • Tough on dirt, won’t harm vinyl • Contains no harsh acids or
caustic cleaners • Engineered for use on vinyl,
plastic, rubber and leather surfaces • Use on boat upholstery, car,
RV, interior/exterior
ORDER NO. 409-88321
Size: 32 oz.
ORDER NO. 409-62321
Size: 32 oz.
ORDER NO. 409-59321
Size: 32 oz.
ORDER NO. 409-89321
Size: 32 oz.
• Dissolves oily stains, grease, fish blood and dirt
• Formulated to eliminate foul odor • Special polymers bond to treated carpet to repel stains and
damaging UV rays • Formulated to clean all indoor
and exterior carpets
• Special chelating agents break the bond that holds dirt or stains to surface wirthout heavy scrubbing
• Phosphate-free, safe for use on or near the water; runoff won’t harm sealife or cause algae blooms
• Cleans fiberglass, vinyl, plastic, metal and infatable boats
ORDER NO. 408-32001
Size: 1 Gal.
ORDER NO. 408-89220
Size: 22 oz.
ORDER NO. 408-32221
Size: 22 oz.
Kit Contains:
(1) Boat Wash 16 oz (1) Ultimate Xtreme Clean, 32 fl. oz. (1) Star Tron® Gasoline Additive, 8 fl. oz. (1) Ultimate Vinyl Guard Spray 32 fl. oz. (1) Ultimate Xtreme Protectant 32 fl oz. (1) Ultimate Fiberglass Stain Remover Spray (Gel) 32 fl. oz. (1) Reggae Microfiber Mitt (Blue) (1) Ultimate 5 gallon bucket
ORDER NO. 408-37041
Mfr. No. 083704C

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