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• 10 Days of ice retention • Colour: White / Cyan • Freezer grade seal • Includes storage tray
• 6 Tie down strap points • Lockable • 2 Carry handles • 2 Hose-ready drain fittings • 2 stainless steel bottle openers • Reversible slide & non-slip feet
NOTE: Available attachments: (Cup Holder, Cutting Board, Rod Holder, Cooler Divide) SPECIAL ORDER ONLY
50 Quart / 47 Liter
ORDER NO. 668-58481 Mfr. No. 58481 30 Quart / 28 Liter
ORDER NO. 668-58491 Mfr. No. 58491 For more information see: or
Rigging Tape protects against chafing and sharp edges while providing extraordinary safety for sails, lines and rope ends.
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No. 263-03867	RE3867
Description 1" x 15' Roll/White Self-Bonding
• Rigging tape • Shrinks to a waterproof seal as you wrap • Removes cleanly, no solvents needed • Water and ozone resistant • Adheres to itself when stretched • Excellent insulator against harsh environments • Leaves no residue Black, 1" x 10' Roll ORDER NO. 960-02700 Mfr. No. 960027 White, 1" x 10' Roll ORDER NO. 960-02800 Mfr. No. 960028
For more information see:
For more information see:
Queaz-AwayTM is a non-drug aid for people on the go. The unpleasant effects of bumpy flights, choppy seas, winding roads, rocking trains and spinning Ferris wheels can ruin a trip or outing. Queaz-Away wristbands exert gentle pressure on points on each wrist to minimize or eliminate the miserable effects of travel. Made of tough, long-lasting, washable materials. Safe and easy to use. Simply slip onto wrists, position, and enjoy your travel. No complicating buckles or adjustments. One size fits all! Handy carrying case included. Used throughout the world by yachtsmen, pilots, divers, physicians and hospitals.
ORDER NO. 510-00400 Mfr. No. 400
• Protect sails and sheets from chafe. • Keep sails clean and prevent wear. • Covers are split for quick “snap-on”. • Tough, durable plastic with more ultraviolet absorber
than other brands...lasts longer! • All cable covers come in 6 ft Lengths Spread end of cable cover and snap cover over cable
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(No products) ORDER #510-00034 Mfr. No. Dis-34
ORDER NO. 510-00252 510-00253 510-00254 510-00255 510-00256
Mfr. No. 252 253 254 255 256
Description 1/8" (3mm) 5/32" (4mm) 3/16" (5mm) 1/4" (6mm) 5/16" (8mm)

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