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Downrigger Tackle Parts & Accessories
No. 1004
10 black brass sleeves for joining wire line or for locating line releases. ORDER NO. 382-10040
No. 2008 AUTO-STOP BEADS FOR BRAIDED LINE 6 beads for use with braided line for “Depthpower” electric downriggers. ORDER NO. 382-02008
24 beads for use with braided line for “Depthpower” electric downriggers. ORDER NO. 382-02008-24
No. 373
This mini diver snubber is excellent for fishing with all types of divers. It is manufactured from tough U.V. resistant polyurethane. Extremely effective at preventing lines from twisting as it has a ball- bearing swivel at one end and a barrel swivel at the other. ORDER NO. 382-00373
NO. 1153
1 Coastlock snap with swivel (No.1150), 3 sleeves, 1 soft stop bumper and 1 stainless steel thimble. ORDER NO. 382-11530
No. 425 HAMMER HEAD ROD BUTT CUSHION More comfortable and easier to use than most fighting belts. Universal rod butt tube allows simple rod to rod transfer. ORDER NO. 382-04250
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No. 1008 STOPPER BEADS FOR STAINLESS STEEL LINES 6 nylon stoppers for the auto stop and for locating line releases. (3 each black and yellow). ORDER NO. 382-10080
No. 374
SURE STOP DOWNRIGGER STOPPER KIT Complete with over 8 ft. of custom 240 lb. test black nylon seine twine, a 100% stainless steel crane swivel with a load rating of 411 lbs. and a heavy duty coast lock terminal end. The gunmetal black crane swivel found in the 374 is three times stronger than brass swivel. ORDER NO. 382-00374
No. 1161
Quickly attach extra flashers or dodgers to your downrigger line. 2 per pack. ORDER NO. 382-11610
NO. 370 & 371
Attach between your downrigger cable and weight. The Scotty Trolling Snubber absorbs shock, provides electrical insulation and helps prevent snagging.
Easy to grip. Allows quick connection to your downrigger cannon ball.
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.	Description
382-03700 370
382-03710 371
Trolling Snubber with Sampo® ball bearing swivel and trolling snap (Weight not included)
Trolling Snubber with trolling snap only
Balanced with a longer fin for precision tracking. Thick coated in black. Reflective labels. 10 Lb. ORDER NO. 937-02101 Mfr. No. 210B
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