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No. 449 CLAMP MOUNT Fully portable mounting option for all Scotty post mount rod holders. Works with a No. 241 combination Side/Deck mount (not included). Maximum opening 2". Made from super tough re-inforced nylon. ORDER NO. 382-04490
No. 433
COAMING / GUNNEL MOUNT CLAMP WITH GEAR-HEAD Position your rod holder or Scotty accessory virtually anywhere on the lip of your kayak’s coaming or boat gunnel. Built tough from rugged engineering grade nylon, the 433 revolutionizes the way you can fish from your sit-in kayak. The attached Gear-Head mount allows you to quickly change rod holder positions with a simple twist. Easily fasten the 433, drop and lock your favorite
Scotty rod holder or accessory and start fishing! A non-permanent solution for mounting fishing gear to your watercraft and getting you out there!
ORDER NO. 382-04330
No. 416-BK ROD BALANCER / REST •Non-resistance approach encourages more
bite to strike hook-ups when fishing •Increased successful and efficient hook-sets •Built tough from rugged engineering grade nylon •Makes for a great rod rest when fighting
big fish in a small boat or kayak •Works with all Scotty post mounts and rod holder height extenders •360˚ rotation available when using
Scotty post mounts or extenders- •Scotty® always recommends
using a rod safety leash at all times
ORDER NO. 382-04160
No. 342-BK GLUE-ON PADDLE CLIP Scotty’s super-strong paddle clip now comes with the option of a glue-on mounting pad. This versatile product is great for any inflatable watercraft, including kayaks and SUP’s where drilling holes is not an option. Using marine grade adhesive, mount the low profile 342 in a convenient location and simply snap in your paddle. ORDER NO. 382-03420
No. 441 BACKING PLATE Use the Scotty Backing Plate to add structural support when attaching the Scotty 241L / 241 Combination Side / Deck Mount or the Scotty 244L / 244 Flush Deck Mount to thin-walled watercraft. Made with super-tough rugged engineering grade nylon. Stainless steel nuts & machine nuts included. ORDER NO. 382-04410
NO. 3025 DOWNRIGGER WEIGHT RETRIEVER Great helper and safety precaution for the downrigger fisherman. Brings weights in for rigging lines and releases without having to lean out over a gunnel.
ORDER NO. 382-30250
No. 341
No. 341 GLUE-ON PAD for INFLATABLE BOATS Manufactured from flexible PVC and can be bonded to PVC or Hypalon inflatable boats. Stainless steel fasteners included. Size 5"W x 7"H. Works in conjunction with 241 Side/Deck mount. (Not included) ORDER NO. 382-03411 (Black) ORDER NO. 382-03412 (Grey)
No. 459 ADJUSTABLE ROD HOLDER EXTENDER Provides the option for you to position your Scotty Rod Holder into that perfect fish fighting location. Conveniently position your rod holder closer to you on your kayak or your downrigger to eliminate reaching for your rod. Extends the height of the rod holder by 9-1/2". ORDER NO. 382-04590
No. 459
No. 259 ROD HOLDER HEIGHT EXTENDER Increase your odds with easier access to your rod and reel. Extends the height of the rod holder by 6-1/2", allowing for faster access when that fish strikes. Works with Scotty post mount rod holders (except 240 Striker). ORDER NO. 382-02590
No. 259
Endless Rod Holder Positions
No. 254M
No. 414 OFFSET GEARS Now you can adjust your rod holder to that perfect fish fighting position! • Offset Gears double your rod holder
positions for ultimate versatility • Position your rod holder exactly where you want • Simply place a gear between the rod holder post and
your Scotty rod holder, adjusting your desired angle
of the rod holder before fastening the bolt tight
ORDER NO. 382-04140
No. 415 SLIP DISCS • Allow you to make micro adjustments to your
rod holder or any	of the Scotty® rod holder height extenders. These discs when placed between the rod holder post and Scotty® rod holder allow you to obtain infinite adjustment
• Using one or both discs
ORDER NO. 382-04150
No. 254M MINI ROD HOLDER HEIGHT EXTENDER Extends the height of your rod holder by 4-1/4", allowing you to tilt and swivel your rod holder when using a Flush Deck Mount. The MINI extender provides more flexibility when choosing the perfect position for your rod. Works with all Scotty post mount rod holders. ORDER NO. 382-02540
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