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The Scotty Bait board is the ultimate multi-purpose workspace for all your tool, tackle, & gear prep needs.
• Quickly mount the Bait Board to any Scotty® post mount • Stores all your fishing favorites with the built-in lure and
accessory rack, giving you quick and easy access to everything you need • Exterior tray walls let you cut bait and prep lures conveniently in a
contained space with tools at your finger tips • Mount the Scotty Camera Mount No. 135 (Order No. 382-01350)
or an all purpose cup mount No. 311BK (Order No. 382-03110) directly
onto your Bait board saving you valuable boat space • Keeps knives, pliers and hook sharpeners in place between use for added safety • Easily elevate the board with the help of any adjustable rod holder extender
(Example No. 429 (Order No. 382-04290) • For great portability when kayaking, mount the Bait Board to the
new 453 Gimbal Mount Adapter (Order No. 382-04530) ORDER NO. 382-04550	Mfr. No. 455
No. 130 PADDLE LEASH C/W FLEX COIL For Paddles, Rods, Nets, Gaffs, and a variety of other items that need to be secured while in use.
• Uses 2 extra strong Scotty 1009 swivel snaps • The super strong Flex Coil cord allows for maximum unrestricted movement. • Stretches to approx. 6' • Includes 2 figure 8 securing straps
Available in Black only ORDER NO. 382-01300	Mfr. No. 130-BK
No. 210 NET MINDER Simply slide the rubber ring down the net handle, clip the bottom of the net into the release and the net will release from the clip when a fish is caught in the net. ORDER NO. 382-02100
No. 206 & 207
Aluminum alloy handle and hoop with tough corrosion-resistant finish. Strong 1-1/4" diameter handle retracts for compact storage. Guaranteed quality – 5 year warranty.
ORDER NO. 382-02060 382-02070
Description 30" solid hoop, 4 foot handle 30" solid hoop, 6 foot handle
No. 302 KAYAK STABILIZERS Feel secure and stable in your kayak while fishing with the Scotty Stabilizers attached to your kayak. Made with easy inflatable inner bladders offering over 30 lb. of extra buoyancy. Scotty’s new locking mounts make installation and removal quick and easy! Each pontoon includes a Scotty adjustable mounting system for easy installation and removal. The 30" long x 8" diameter (zipper opening) pontoons are made of heavy PVC-coated outer shell material with a durable inner bladder. Each Stabilizer Kit includes:
2 - Inflatable pontoons 2 - 28" anodized arms 4 - No. 241L Locking combination Side/Deck Mounts 2 - No. 280 Bait Caster Rod Holders
ORDER NO. 382-03020	Mfr. No. 302 For more information see:

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