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DELUXE BOAT COVER SUPPORT SYSTEM One of the best cover support systems on the market. Provides an easily adjustable, effective boat cover support to keep water from accumulating in the center of the boat cover. Extends the life of any boat cover by as much as 50%. The support uses a telescoping center pole (28" to 48") and polyweb straps with bow spreader to form a double ridge line under the cover. The pole rests on a rubber foot and the web straps attach to the stern with non-marring hooks.
BOAT COVER SUPPORT SYSTEM Extend the life of your boat cover by preventing water from pooling. The system includes 50 feet of webbing, quick release buckles, a boat cover support pole that snaps to the webbing, and two hooks to attach to the transom.
Mfr. No. 55741
ORDER NO. 105-55741
A simple twist latch for securing walk-thru windshields or other hatch openings. Black thermo-plastic complete with self-tapping screws.
Mfr. No. 1162 ORDER NO. 111-11620 (2/Pkg.)
Designed to replace most original handles on the side vent windows. Easy installation. Designed to fit side windows having exactly 1/4" mounting hole. Sold in pairs-left & right Mfr. No. 11616 ORDER NO. 101-11610
• Aluminum pole: 1" diameter
For Boats up to 19 ft.
Mfr. No. 10795-4
ORDER NO. 101-10795
• Polyweb straps: 1" wide, black
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BOAT COVER SUPPORT KIT - ANTI-POOLING Helps maintain the quality of your boat cover. • Telescoping support system that keeps your boat cover from sagging
and allowing water to pool in low places • Heavy-duty telescoping handle locks in place • Nylon strap assembly is 50-ft long and fits
most boats up to 22 feet in length • Adjusts from 30" to 50" • Self-standing with support plates on the
top & bottom foam pad to prevent sliding • Easy to install, stores compactly • BONUS Boat hook included
Mfr. No. 41970
ORDER NO. 668-41970
ORDER NO. 422-98172 422-98272 Sold in Pairs
Mfr. No. 298172-1 298272-1
A	B 8'	1" 8'	1"
C 2-1/8" 2-1/8"
Colour Black White
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