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DOCK PROTM HEAVY DUTY VINYL DOCK BUMPERS Taylor Made now offers the ultimate in versatile, durable docking protection! Dock Pro heavy-duty vinyl bumpers are ideal for rough conditions, and can take a beating. Made from U.V. resistant, marine- grade vinyl, they provide excellent protection for your boat and dock. Corner piece provides superior impact protection on dock corners. Bumpers have inflation valves for easy adjustment to desired firmness. Pre-drilled for easy, permanent mounting with plated fasteners.
Mfr. No.
35.5"L x 4"D x 5"H
13"L x 4"W x 5"H
Straight Mount
Corner Mount
Foam plugs are supplied to give the bumper a clean finished look!
Warm White
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Hybrid construction means soft compressible foam where you want it and tough high density foam where you need it. The inner core of the new foam bumper is a lower density EVA foam (2.8 pounds per cubic foot) and the outer (front and back) pieces are tougher, higher density PE foam (8.7 pcf). UV protected foam material is maintenance free, non-marring and provides superior cushioning from impact. Designed for both horizontal and vertical applications, dock cushions are pre-drilled and ready to mount.
Hardware not included. Also available with LED lighting installed. Easily identify your dock from a distance. Dock cushion contains 3 recessed ultra-bright LED’s and solar power panel. Can illuminate for 6 hours after full sunshine charge.
Bends without Breaking!
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.	Size
114-60110	46011	3.25"D x 5"T x 36"L
666-46011-LED	46011LED	3.25"D x 5"T x 36"L
Straight with LED Lights
Post bumpers are great protection for pipe supported type docks. Protects the boat from contact with the metal dock pipe and hardware at dock level. Easily slides over 1 1/2" dock pipe and rests securely against the dock. Molded from marine grade vinyl with an inflation valve to adjust firmness. Bumper measures 7" dia. x 17" long.
ORDER NO.	Mfr. No.	Description
666-45600	45600	Post Dock Bumper (White)
These large, durable bumpers add an attractive and functionally rugged cushion to the leg pipes of your docking system. Fabricated from the same quality material as our DolphinTM fenders, each weighs a rugged 2.7 lb. and measures 18” tall with a diameter of 5”. Each torpedo bumper also includes a molded-in air valve for easy inflation or deflation as desired. Place them on dock leg pipes over the mounting brackets to prevent damaging your watercraft from protruding bolts. Simply slip the top portion of the Torpedo bumper over a leg pipe and slide it down to the dock surface. Flex the bumper to go over the mounting bracket on the dock faceboard and spread the lower flange of the torpedo bumper to slip over the leg pipe that is below the dock faceboard. Inflate as desired.
ORDER NO. Description
440-91110	White Torpedo Bumper, 18" Each
440-91104	Navy Blue Torpedo Bumper, 18" Each
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