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Go Green. DockEdge solar products require only the suns energy and no wires to install. All are automatic On-At-Dusk.
POST & SURFACE MOUNT LIGHT WITH MOTION SENSOR • Stainless steel light mounts on posts or any vertical service • Powerful solar charging performance • Up to 3 metres and 90˚ detection angle vertically & horizontally • White led illuminates for 15 seconds when motion is detected • Blue LED illuminates in standby • Replaceable, rechargeable battery • 40 lumens (emitted light) 1 Pc/Pk ORDER NO. 440-96280 Mfr. No. 96-280-F
• Perfect for docks and decks • Automatic on-at-dusk • Weatherproof, durable • Works 8 hours on a full charge • Replaceable, rechargeable battery • 4-5 lumens (emitted light) ORDER NO. 440-96286
Mfr. No. 96-286-F 1 Pc/Pk
These solar lights are mounted on top of a sturdy galvanized steel base, housed inside an attractive, colonial style 12" tall, 4" wide vinyl pillar. Easy to install &
NO WIRES. These decorative and functional dock accessories will add style to your dock day or night. The lamp is designed to illuminate your boat, dock and stainless steel cleat, and not shine in your eyes. 1 Pc/ Ctn
• 40 lumens • 12 hour run time Each kit includes, pillar, stainless steel cleat, galvanized mounting base, solar light & replaceable rechargeable AA battery.
• Ideal for docks, decks, walkways & driveways or slip entries
• Attractive & functional & weatherproof • Up to 10 hour run time • Bright white LED / 360˚ illumination • Powerful solar charging performance • Installs easily with no wires
1 Pc/ Ctn
Convenient Touchpad
• Attractive & rugged broad-based ABS pillar • Fits piling diameters 7" (17.8cm) and up • Replaceable, rechargable (Ni-MH) AA batteries • 40 lumens (emitted light) ORDER NO. 440-96264
Mfr. No. 96-264-F
ORDER NO. 440-96250
Mfr. No. 96-250-F
• Install literally in minutes with NO WIRES • Powerful solar charging capacity with 360˚ light diffusing
polycarbonate lens & convex interior reflector maximize light output • 6 Preinstalled LED colours with convenient touchpad built right into
the circuit board means you can change colours to match a particular
colour scheme • Rechargeable replaceable AAA battery included
& concealed securely under the circuit board. • 10 lumens of emitted light • 12 hour run time • Each PostLiteTM fits post sizes: 1-5/8", 1-7/8", 2-3/8", & 3-1/4" I.D.
as well as flat surfaces with the INCLUDED adapters
ORDER NO. 440-96258	Mfr. No. 96-258-F	2Pc/ Ctn
PILING CAPLITETM • 360˚ illumination • Automatic On-At-Dusk • Flat or Conical Mount* • Weatherproof • Durable UV resistant ABS • Wildlife deterrent spike • Installs easily in minutes • Includes rechargeable, replaceable AAA, Ni-MH battery • 6 Preinstalled LED colours with convenient touchpad • 10 lumens (emitted light) • 12 hour run time ORDER NO. 440-96268 1 Pc/ Ctn
Convenient Touchpad
Mfr. No. 96-268-F
A solar station, which is not only attractive but also adds value and function to your docking area. Each Solar SentinelTM incorporates stylish, durable solar lighting on an attractive, (white) broad based, tapered pillar to illuminate docking areas. Includes solar light, tapered pillar & replaceable rechargable AA batteries. Excellent spot to secure a life ring at the ready. • 40 lumens
• 12 hour run time	440-96252 ORDER NO. 440-96252	Mfr. No. 96-252-F
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