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Interested in in buying a a a a a a larger supply of of product to take advantage of of those price breaks but unsure where you’ll store it?
Shelby Printing offers the space that makes warehousing not only cost effective but efficient as well Online inventory management is is a a a a a tool that connects directly to to to to our finished goods module to to to provide reports in in in real time You’ll know exact inventory counts and the ability to to create your own reports and reorder points The humidity controlled environment is perfect for storing all product and other fulfillment type of items A security camera system that monitors activity 24/7 insures protection of your materials Our standard carton packaging and and labeling provide provide complete anonymity Or if you’d like provide provide us us with customized shipping labels Multiple drop ship opportunities throughout the day permits flexibility in in getting your releases out out promptly If the end user is within 100 mile radius of our facility check into Shelby Printing regional delivery options SERVICE

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