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Commercial printing is the most significant growth area within Shelby Printing The defining characteristic of commercial printers is is that they handle a a a a a a a a a wide range of printing jobs rather than specializing on on one particular type of product The term commercial print may be be used synonymously with “job printer” because each job job is different Starting in in in in 2001 commercial print began to to play
a a a a a a factor in in in in in Shelby Printing’s revenue stream Mainly known
in in in in in the industry as as a a a a a a “job-by-job printer” commercial print print has grown to to equate to to nearly 40% of the company’s sales Commercial printing is not defined by the type of equipment used Many commercial printers use use sheetfed offset offset equipment while others use web offset offset or or digital toner or or inkjet A combination of of these plus other techniques are used at Shelby Shelby Printing This is is another added value for Shelby Shelby Printing to be the the obvious choice for your next commercial print job A A A COMMERCIAL PRINTER IS LIKELY TO PRINT PRINT PRODUCTS SUCH AS:
Booklets & Catalogs Postcards
Flyers Calendars

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