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Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Medical/Aesthetic Lasers and IPLs v1.2
 Examples of Class 2/2M lasers include bar code scanners.
All Class 1, 1M, 2 and 2M lasers output less than 1 milliwatt of power.
Class 3R Lasers (AEL < 5 mW)
These are laser products, emitting in the wavelength range 302.5nm to 1mm, that present a relatively low risk of eye damage as their output is restricted to no more than 5 times the AEL for visible Class 2 lasers or no more than 5 times the AEL for Class 1 devices at other wavelengths. The maximum output power for a visible beam Class 3R laser is 4.99mW. Direct eye exposure should be prevented.
Examples of Class 3R lasers include laser pointers.
Class 3R lasers can output up to 5mW of power.
Class 3B Lasers (AEL < 500 mW)
These are laser products that are hazardous to the eye for direct intra-beam viewing and from specular reflections (like from a mirror or polished surface) but diffuse reflections (walls, non-polished surfaces) are normally safe. They may be hazardous to the skin at some wavelengths at the upper limit of this class. Output levels must be less than the appropriate AEL for Class 3B devices and cannot exceed 499.9 mW.
Figure 58: Comparison between the beams from a 3B and a 3R laser
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