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Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Medical/Aesthetic Lasers and IPLs v1.2
 Introduction – Medical lasers & IPLs
“It’s a blitz of numbers and terms!!!” We often hear this comment from ‘newbies’ to this field. Many people don’t understand what all the numbers mean – even after some years of practice. We have both come across experienced laser users who still don’t understand some of the basic principles behind the technology or the treatments! This is why we decided to write this book.
Hopefully, we will show you how to properly interpret all those numbers and expressions and make them work for you.
We chose to write about both lasers and IPLs because we both have a long history in both types of technology, and they are both used extensively across the world today. The first thing we should point out is that IPLs are more difficult to use properly than lasers! This is due to two main reasons – firstly, IPLs offer a wider range of options, in most cases, compared with lasers.
Secondly, without a good understanding of the parameters and the correct treatment protocols, it is definitely more difficult to achieve good results, with any device.
In this book, we have included animations which we have created, plus videos we have found on YouTube which we think explain things very well. We also include some PDF files which can be downloaded from our blog.
Hopefully, our book will help you in a number of ways:
1. How to choose the best equipment which you need for your requirements;
2. Understand the important physiological aspects of your treatments and apply the best
possible treatment;
3. Understand how to properly choose the laser/IPL parameters and get the best out of
your equipment;
4. Have a good understanding of the basics of photo-treatments;
5. Understand the ‘basics’ of which laser/IPL can do which treatments;
6. Fully understand just how important skin cooling is in obtaining good results.
Please use this book as a reference source – read it lots of times to find a deeper meaning!!
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 Chapter 1 LEVEL A Fundamentals of Lasers/IPLs
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