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Joule (J)
Joule/cm2 Laser
Laser Safety Officer (LSO)
Laser Protection Adviser
Laser Protection Supervisor (LPS)
Local Rules
Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE)
James Clerk Maxwell
and pulse duration suitable for a number of skin treatments such as the removal of hair, blood vessels, benign pigmentation, acne and a few other applications. See here for a comparison with lasers.
The irradiance is the radiant power of a laser beam per unit area on a surface, expressed as Watts/cm2. In medical/aesthetic parlance it is typically known as ‘power density’. See more here...
A unit of energy (1 watt-second) used to describe the rate of energy delivery. It is equal to 1 watt-second or 0.239 calorie. See more here...
A unit of radiant exposure (energy density or fluence) used in measuring the amount of energy incident upon a unit area.
An acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. A laser is a cavity, with mirrors at the ends, filled with material such as crystal, glass, liquid, gas or dye. A device which produces an intense beam of light with the unique properties of coherence, collimation and monochromaticity.
A person with the authority to monitor and enforce measures to the control of laser hazards and effect the knowledgeable evaluation and control of laser hazards.
A certificated expert on lasers and their governing regulations/laws who can advise on laser safety issues.
Very similar to LSO (but slightly different!).
The range of electromagnetic radiation frequencies detected by the eye, or the wavelength range from about 400 to around 760 nanometres. The term is sometimes used loosely to include radiation beyond visible limits. See more here...
A set of administrative procedures and rules which must be read, understood and signed off by all laser operators. These Rules are designed to ensure safe and proper operation of all lasers in any facility, following legal regulations and Laws. They should be drawn up by Laser Protection Advisers when new laser clinics are established, and/or when new lasers are added to existing facilities.
The level of laser radiation to which a person may be exposed without hazardous effects or adverse biological changes in the eye or skin. Laser energy below the MPE is deemed to be ‘safe’. This can be expressed as ‘energy density/fluence’ in J/cm2 or as ‘power density’ in W/cm2.
A Scottish genius whose work on the electromagnetic form of light led to many modern inventions. Albert Einstein stated that he could
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