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Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Medical/Aesthetic Lasers and IPLs v1.2
How to buy a laser/IPL?
These days there is a huge number of available laser or IPL systems. It is very difficult to know how to choose which is best for your requirements.
There are some important questions which must be asked before committing to buy a laser/IPL system:
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Can your supplier give you the contact details of at least three non- biased users who have more than one year’s experience with the equipment they are trying to sell to you?
Do they have any peer-reviewed, published clinical data showing that their claims are backed up with actual results (not ‘white papers’ – these are just marketing materials masquerading as published articles!)?
Will they install the equipment and calibrate the energy output on- site, using an appropriate energy meter that has a calibration certificate from a notified lab?
Do their trainers have actual, real-world experience with the equipment, for more than just training sessions?
Does your system have a dedicated skin cooling system with adjustable temperature setting? i.e. not just a lamp cooling system!!
Ask about the ‘after sale’ support and service. Some companies charge absolutely ridiculous sums for servicing! But, they ‘forget’ to mention this during the sales process....
Does the equipment satisfy local regulatory requirements – CE, FDA etc?
 follow these seven points the chances of you being screwed will be
If you
greatly reduced...
In summary:
No calibration, no sale!
Proper training by clinical ‘experts’
not ‘technicians’ or sales people;
Proper clinical evidence to back claims Speak to at least three experienced users; Good skin cooling is absolutely critical!!!!
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