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Laser Timeline
Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Medical/Aesthetic Lasers and IPLs v1.2
The following is a very ‘brief’ timeline of some important events in the development of medical/aesthetic lasers/IPLs:
      1960 - Ruby laser invented by Theodore Maiman in the AT&T Labs....... 1964 – Goldman starts to test lasers in treating skin conditions
1980 – Rox Anderson and John Parrish begin to investigate the application of their theory – ‘Selective Photothermolysis’
1980 – Scar-free laser tattoo removal program began in Canniesburn Plastic Surgery and Burns Unit, Glasgow, Scotland with a Q-switched Ruby
1981 – Treatment of port wine stains begin, Boston, USA, with a pulsed dye laser by Anderson and Parrish
1990 – The world's first commercial laser tattoo clinic, DermaLase Ltd., is opened in Glasgow, Scotland – with a Q-switched ruby laser
1992 - First IPL device designed for vascular treatments was produced in Gothenburg, Sweden – became the ‘Supralite 2000’, before it was renamed the ‘Plasmalite’ – which was launched in 1996 for hair removal
1995 – The world’s first commercial IPL for the removal of hair, called the ‘PhotoDerm’ was launched by ESC, US of A
2002 – The world’s first IPL device designed for use in beauty salons for hair removal was launched by Radiancy. This device was called the LHE SpaTouch
   Light and the Skin
Before we begin, what happens when light enters the skin? Let’s look at the basics of this...
Light – What is it?
● Visible light is radiation with an energy which appears as colours to the human eye. ________________________________________________________________________ 20
Chapter 1 LEVEL A Fundamentals of Lasers/IPLs
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