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Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Medical/Aesthetic Lasers and IPLs v1.2
● Most radiation is not dangerous, contrary to what you hear from the uneducated media. Without radiation there would be no life – anywhere!
● Aside from the visible light the most important part of the spectrum for humans in infra- red. We cannot see this light, but we do feel it as heat.
● Typically, the infra-red part of the spectrum is divided into near, intermediate and far infra-red. Lasers can emit infra-red light in many parts of this spectrum – we’ll discuss this more in a later section of this book (what is infrared light?).
Before proceeding to the next sections, you should be sure that you understand the above terms and concepts. This is really important since you will not be able to treat the skin properly without a good understanding of the basics.
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Chapter 1 LEVEL A Fundamentals of Lasers/IPLs
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