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Chapter 1 – Fundamentals of Medical/Aesthetic Lasers and IPLs v1.2
● This can be problematic. If you are treating a patient with a 6 cm2 light guide and lining up the rectangular spots carefully then you will leave a ‘grid’ of untreated skin. This will result in unhappy patients and an excess number of treatments!
● If you suspect your laser system has an effective spot size smaller than the physical spot size of your handpiece light guide then you should carefully consider overlapping the spots during treatments.
● This is quite safe (with most systems) since treating the same area twice in quick succession is not usually a problem (as long as there is proper skin cooling).
● There is a commonly held myth that such a procedure is potentially dangerous. This is not true – however, some poorly designed systems may induce excess skin damage, even in the small overlapping regions.
● It will become obvious pretty quickly whether your system induces such problems.
● However, overlapping IPL spots, in combination with a poor skin-cooling system, is usually a very bad idea since this can easily lead to excess thermal damage in the dermis!
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Chapter 1 LEVEL A Fundamentals of Lasers/IPLs
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