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Florida’s Best Newspaper for Antiques & Collectibles

                                  APRIL 2017 • Volume 30 No. 8         

                                             Wall Mounted Coffee Grinders

                                                   Don’t come with “de-caf” prices

                               By Larry LeMasters
                               LeMasters’ Antique News Service
                                 All coffee grinders are a form of burr mill (burr   manual operation has been replaced with electrically
                               grinder).  A burr mill is used to grind hard, small food   powered coffee mills since modern man only wants
                               products between two revolving abrasive surfaces,   the job done quickly, not necessarily beautifully.
                               crushing the product into smaller, uniform sized   To truly enjoy the beauty of antique, manually
                               particles.  Burr mills are normally manufactured for a   operated, coffee mills, one must be a collector (often
                               single purpose, such as pepper mills, spice mills, and,   referred to as a “millaholic”).
                               of course, coffee mills.                                There are several types of coffee mills
                                 The uniform particle size achieved using a burr   to collect, including floor models,
                               grinder can is desirable for coffee preparation.  While   freestanding counter models,
                               all coffee mills were once manually operated, the                               Continued on Page 2

                                                                                  SHOWN: Left-  Antique Parker wall-mounted coffee grinder,
               ANTIQUES & MORE CONSIGNMENT EXPANDING                              patented 1917; $300. Landers
          Jacksonville  Florida's  Antiques & More Consignment,  located  at  11270   Right- Antique, Arcade Crystal coffee grinder, wall-mounted; $320.
        Beach Blvd., is becoming a new and exciting shopping location for many people.
        This location is just minutes from the beaches and downtown Jacksonville.        AMAZING & UNIQUE ARTWORK
          Antiques & More Consignment  within  a  few  months  of  opening  has  now   RARE STONE HAND CRAFTED LADY WITH
        expanded 6,000 square feet. Antiques & More currently has over 17,000 square            URN, TEAL & IVORY
        feet within its location at 11270 Beach Blvd, and also has another located at 651   This is just one of the fine pieces of art décor that you will find at East Coast
        Commerce Center Drive near Regency Square. Plans are to add another 20,000   Furniture & More in Jacksonville. Located at 651 Commerce Center Drive near
        square feet in the near future. This new space makes Antiques & More the largest   Regency Square, we have name brands such as: Affordable, BFI & Cramco, and
        consignment area in North Florida.                                                                                        more.
                                                               Special monthly                                                      Come see our selection
                                                             events attract                                                       of bar sets & bar stools
                                                             hundreds. Shoppers                                                   along with metal dining
                                                             recently enjoyed a                                                   sets. You have many
                                                             pink tag sale event,                                                 choices to choose from
                                                             with food trucks in                                                  when deciding on the
                                                             the parking lot.                                                     right furniture. We have
                                                               Come shop and                                                      amazing deals on Sofas
                                                             save with many                                                       and Love seats, Chaise
                                                             amazing antiques,                                                    Sofas & Love seats
                                                             fine art, furniture of                                               with matching chairs
                                                             all types and other                                                  & ottomans or accent
                                                             fine treasures. For                                                  chairs & ottomans. For
                                                             details or directions                                                more information call us
                                                             call 904-619-1769.                                                   at 904-233-2229.

             PUBLIC AUCTION                                                                                                    2154 U.S.
              EVERY WEDNESDAY                                                                                                  HWY. 301
                APPROX 1:00 P.M.                                                                                           Zephyrhills, FL
              Antiques, Collectibles                                                                                       1-800-765-1628
                 Furniture & More             Voted “Florida’s Best Auction”                                 
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