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have it. Giving up, I turned around and went back inside to pour myself a melty slushie.
“And he just ran away?” Javi asked the next day. The kid’s real name was Javier, who was fresh out of high school and often worked the shop with me. It was the day after the Snowbird came through and I’d just finished showing Javi the tape from the security camera above the register. There was still something bugging me about the whole incident. Could it really have just been the sandals with tube socks?“
Yep, still owes me that 99 cents,” I lamented, clearly not upset enough to take my eyes off my phone screen. I was busy clacking away on the screen, scouring the web for any link between that strange man and freak animal attacks. So far, I’d found a grand total of zero hits. Of course, it didn’t help that I had no idea what his name was and was only going off “strange man and wild animals,” “sandals man and wild animals,” and “old guy seeks animals.” That last one in particular was a bad choice of words. Eventually, I went back to the original search of animal attacks to see if there was anything I was missing.
“What do ya think he’s doing about now?” Javi said after a lull.

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