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He shrugged again. “Perhaps, or perhaps you may be of use to us. It won’t hurt for Gerald Krantz to have a contact, should he ever have to return to your world in the future. So get back home, go about your life as usual. Act like none of this ever happened, and maybe one day you might be called upon to help in the protection of your planet and the continued concealment of my own.”
With his final words, he held out his arm to look at his watch and pressed a button on its face. A shear, white light surrounded him and his body flickered in and out like the Chupacabra had done before him, and soon the light faded and he was no longer in front of me.
“Beam ‘em up, Scotty,” I said with a chuckle, looking up into the clear, night sky. There was no sign of his ship, but I knew he was up there looking down upon me.
I lingered there for a while longer before the night’s chill laid its grip upon me, and so I made my way back to my car, wondering if I’d ever see the Snowbird again.

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