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 Places to Find the american Flag in Arizona
by Raihana Jacqueline Haynes-Venerable
On the cap of a man who sat in front of me and my dad at the movies. His wife and kids, munchin’ on that salty Harkins popcorn. Pre-previews playin’ and I’m scrollin’ through twitter & I hear the usher, “Sir, I’m sorry but you can’t have that in here.”
Next thing I know the man, sighs, un-clips his holstered gun, asks his wife for the keys, & exits.
At each cash register inside Sam’s Club.
A place you can buy cleaning supplies, packaged snacks, outdoor furniture, & liquor in bulk.
Not sure there’s anything more american.
A guy passed me, looked at me funny — maybe I just felt that he did. He came back around & I clocked the confederate flag tattoo on his calf.
He was wearin’ a Ham Porter “You’re killin me, Smalls” t-shirt.
 content warning:
gun violence, anti-Black slurs,

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