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 content warning: murder, parental abuse,
sexual assault
by DW McKinney
When women died, my father rose from the couch. The sagging leather lay folded in on itself as if protected against the weight of his anger. The cushions then unfurled in spasms. Almost skittish to embracing the peace, afraid to be whole again. They need not worry. That anger had moved on to the rest of us, bellowing through our split levels and echoing against the vinyl. Running to his bedroom, Daddy stomped three times. Once for our attention. Twice in warning.
I’m not havin’ that!
My sister and I shuffled from the isolated worlds we created in our downstairs bedrooms. We gnashed our teeth and boxed the air under the hallway landing. We remained hidden behind this boundary. Where we were free. The cool air slipped away as we stepped forward up the food chain. Past the front door and last hope for salvation, then the garage and master bedroom. Into the sweltering dining room where Daddy waited.
Y’all got a lil’ attitude, huh?

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