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by Hibah Shabkhez
Enno onna enno enne.
I like watching your children die, O Spring.
When the leaves fell in the Autumn, gilded by age, I smiled to see them carpet the earth, remembering the glorious miracle of their birth, and thinking upon the rich green Summer of their youth. I welcomed the Winter of bare branches and snow that would teach my world to yearn for you to come among us again.
But this year, Winter came twice. And it has not yet stopped coming.
When the little leaves began to sprout, and the delicate little buds to peep out, Winter, greedy Winter, could not bear the thought of yielding its grip. So it sent down fresh flurries to smother your children in their sleep under its fiercely beautiful coconut-slices of snow.
I like watching your children die, O Spring.

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