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VALVES AND MANIFOLDS 450FB and 4560FB aFlnodw4B6a0cFkBMFlaonwifBoaldcsk Manifolds
450 Flow Back Manifolds are Standard on Sprayer Specialties XLRD & VLU Trailer Sprayers.
     4 5 0 F B a n d 4 6 T 0 h F e B 4 f 5 l o 0 w F B b a a n c d k v 4 a 6 l 0 v F e B s a f l l o l o w w b p a r c e k s s v u a r l v e e f s r o a ml l o t w h e p r b e o s s o u m r e f r o m t h e b o o m s t o b e r e l i e v e l i d n e b s a c t o k t b o e t r h e e l i e t a v n e k d wb a h c e k n t t o h t e h v e a t l a v n e k i s w s h w e i t n c h t h e e d v t a o l v t h e e i s s w i t c h e d t o t h e
position. off position.
i l a b l e w i t h E o A r v E a C i l a s b e r l e i e ws mi t h o t E o o r s r E w C i t s h e c r i a e b s l e m o o r t o D r I s N w i t h c a b l e o r D I N trical connecetiloencstr. iSceael cpoangnee7c1tiofonrs.mSoereepinagfoerm71aftoiornmore information
D i r e c t o V a l v e mo no t Do i r r s e . c t o V a l v e m o t o r s .
atures: Features:
2 RPM, 0.7 seconn2d2sRhPuMto,f0f .f7ulsleycopnednsthouctlofsfefu. lly open to close.
ith a choice ofnthWreitahdaedch, QoiCce(Qouf itchkreCaodnende,cQt)Ch(oQsueicbkarCbosnonre5c0t)sheorisesbarbs or 50 series angefittingoutlefltacnognenfeitctitniognos,uthlet4c5o0nFnBecatniodn4s6,0thFeB4m5a0nFiBfoaldnds 460FBmanifolds
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hoice of polypnroCphyoleince ofr pstoaliynplerosspsytleneleboarllswtaiitnhlesstsaisntleeslsbsatellewl sithemstainless steel stem r 4 5 0 F B v a l v e s e f r o i e r s 4 . 5 S 0 t a F i B n l v e a s l s v e s t s e e e r l i e s t s e . mS t a a i n n d l e b s s a s l l t f e o e r l 4 s t 6 e 0 m F B a v n a d l v b e a l l f o r 4 6 0 F B v a l v e ries. series.
(front view) (front view)
  roppervalve. Fldorwoprapterfovral4v6e0.FFBloisw2r4atGePfMor(49610lF/mBins)2w4iGthPM5P(S9I1l/min)with5PSI
.34 bar) pressure(0d.3ro4pbapre) drop per valve.
he 450FB offerns aThmea4x5im0FuBmopffrerssaurme araxtiminugmofp2r0e0ssPuSrIe(1ra4tibnagr)o. fT2h0e0 PSI (14 bar). The 60FB offers a ma4x6im0FuBmopffrerssaurme araxtiminugmofp3r0e0ssPuSrIe(2ra0tibnagr)o. f 300 PSI (20 bar).
he 450FB valvensTehrie 60FB valve series4a6r0eF
450 FlowBack Manifold
Replacement Parts
TeeJet Ball Valve Motors now come
with Metri-Pack Cabling. Standard with
0.5m Cable with flying leads.
 *Standard since 2009
   low rate for 45n0FFBloisw3r2atGePfMor(41520FlB/misin3)2wGitPhM5(P1S2I0(0l/.m34inb)awr)itphre5sPsuSIre(0.34 bar) pressure
The 450FB flow back valves allow pressure from the boom lines to be relieved back to the tank when the valve is switched to the off position.
• 22 RPM, 0.7 second shutoff fully open to close. • Flow rate for 450FP is 32 GPM
w/ 5 PSI pressure drop per valve. • The 450FB offers a maximum
pressure rating of 200 PSI.
461BEC-3FB4-C V46al1vBeEC-3FB4-C Valve
Part# Description Price
 FC200-BA 2” Standard Port Manifold Clamp $19.38
150G 2” Standard Port Manifold Gasket $4.72
 CP7717-2-229-VI 2” Standard Port Manifold O-Ring $2.20 *Choose either the Gasket or O-Ring, only 1 required
 s4i5s0aFlsBovavlvaeilasberleieisnis2a-wlsaoyavearislaiobnles iwnh2i-lwe tahyeversions while the
avn1adilVab3a-lewveianyM2v-eawrnsaiyofonalnsd.d 3-wa
2 Valve Manifold
3 Valve Manifold
4 Valve Manifold
5 Valve Manifold
-3FB4-C 453B
ld Mani
Gardner, KS 877-829-8502
• Brimfield, IL 855-778-8500
(rear view)
(rear view)
CEC-3FB4-C fold
WEA(reTaHrEvRie-wP)AK OP(TreIOarNvi•eAwd)d to price of valve per motor WP-3 Add-on for WeatherPak cables $26.00
  Item Part# Description Price
1 50515-22CP03 BEC Motor, .3 Meter Cable $354.53
1 50515-22CP05 BEC Motor, .5 Meter Cable $354.53
 1 50515-22CP15 BEC Motor, 1.5 Meter Cable $367.56
1 50515-22CP60 BEC Motor, 6.0 Meter Cable $402.67
 1A 50515-22DP BEC Motor, DIN Connection $354.53
1B 50533-22C03 BE Motor, .3 Meter Cable $354.53
 1B 50533-22C05 BE Motor, .5 Meter Cable $354.53
1B 50533-22C15 BE Motor, 1.5 Meter Cable $367.56
 1B 50533-22C60 BE Motor, 6.0 Meter Cable $402.67
1C 50533-22D BE Motor, DIN Connection $354.53
 2 CP50517-SSPV Retaining Clip, 304 Stainless Steel $4.01
3 CP26197-7/8-SS Socket Head Cap Screw (2 Req’d) $3.15
 4 CP50514-PP Motor Adapter $5.38
•5 CP20125-TEF Thrust Washer, Teflon $2.13
 6 CP56613-SS Stem, For Polypropylene Ball $63.90
6A CP56615-SS Stem, For Stainless Steel Ball $63.90
 •7 CP7717-M12X2.5-VI O-Ring, Viton (3 Req’d) $2.56
8 CP55223-NYB Flow Back Body, Nylon $45.16
 9 CP38435-1/4-SSNY Elastic Locknut (2 Req’d) $4.11
10 CP20106-1-PP Ball, Polypropylene (2-way) $12.30
 10A CP19926-SS Ball, Stainless Steel (2-way) $85.91
•11 CP20564-VI Gasket, Viton (2 Req’d) $4.77
 •12 CP20103-TEF Seal, Teflon (2 Req’d) $10.01
•13 CP7717-2-213-VI O-Ring, Viton (2 Req’d) $18.19
 14 CP20104-3/4-NYB End Cap, Nylon (3/4” NPT Thread) $27.37
14 CP20104-1-NYB End Cap, Nylon (1” NPT Thread) $27.37
 14A CP45514-NYB End Cap, Nylon (Quick Connect) $27.37
14B CP45253-NYB End Cap, Nylon (50 Series Flange) $27.37
 15 CP45252-2-3/4-SSPV Screw, 1/4”-12 x 2-3/4” (4 Req’d) $10.15
16 CP55224-PP #75 Narrow Tee Body, Polypropylene$26.80
 17 CP45216-AL Mounting Rail, Aluminum $7.21
18 CP45259-SS Screw, M6 x 1 x 16mm Hex(4 Req’d) $1.30
 19 CP7717-3-912-VI O-Ring, Viton $7.48
20 CP37166-1-302SS Retaining Clip, 302SS $3.24
 AB344AE-KIT Spare Parts Kit (Includes all items marked •) $74.60
(front view)
(front view)
Wiring - BEC Motors Constant + 12vdc - RED WIRE Switched + 12vdc - WHITE WIRE Ground - BLACK WIRE
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