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Raven AccuFlow Maximum Capacities
   • Vortex 1” valves: 30+ GPM
• Vortex 1.5” valves: 50 GPM
• HP+ with Vortex cooler: 80 GPM
Calculating the Required Capacity
Target Application Rate x Target Application Speed x Implement Width (inches) = lbsN/min 5940
150 lbsN/Min. x 5.5 mph x 480 in. 5940
Divide lbs N/min by 4.22 for GPM 66.6 lbsN/min
= 66.6 lbsN/min
 = 15.78 gal/min
 Programming NH3 Rate Control
Adjusting the Boom Cal
Grimes, IA 800-351-1587 • Gardner, KS 877-829-8502 • Brimfield, IL 855-778-8500
The boom cal for the AccuFlow system can be calculated with the following formula: Number of Applicator Knives x Spacing in inches = Implement Width
Example if using 1 section on/off valve
16 Knives x 30 inch spacings = 480 (Enter 480 as the boom cal on the control console
Examble if using 2 section on/off valves
8 Knives (Per Section) x 30 inch spacing = 240 (Enter 240 for boom cal1 & boom cal2 on the control console)
Adjusting the Speed Cal
No adjustments to the speed cal are required for the AccuFlow System.
Adjusting the Meter Cal
Locate the meter cal printed on the tag attached to the AccuFlowTM flow meter. This value will be referred to as the “original meter cal” (see picture). The original meter cal can be adjusted to display application rates in pounds of actual nitrogen per acre (lbs(N)/acre). If the meter cal label displays an NH3 calibration value, the meter cal does not need to be adjusted. Note: All volumes will be displayed in pounds of actual nitrogen. To properly control the application of anhydrous ammonia, enter the target application rates as pounds of actual nitrogen per acre or lbs(N)/acre.
Use the following formulas to adjust the original meter cal for the desired display preferences: “Original Meter Cal” / 4.22 = Adjusted Meter Cal
Original Meter Cal - 720
720 / 4.22 = 170.62
From the calculated values, round the adjusted meter cal value to 171 and enter this value on the Raven console.
Adjusting the Rate Cal
Enter the target rate in actual pounds of nitrogen (N) per acre.

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