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WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS: From all of us at Sprayer Specialties Inc, we would like to say THANK YOU. We know there are several choices when it comes to purchasing Agricultural, Industrial and Residential products. We strive to provide quality products, timely service and KNOWLEDGEABLE staff. We hope to con- tinue our relationship with you in 2019.
PRICING: Prices shown are FOB Sprayer Specialties. Inc. or FOB manufacturer and are current to the best of our knowledge. However, prices may change at any time without notice or obligation as some of our suppliers implement price changes throughout the year. Prices charged will be the current pricing at the time of ship- ment. Discounts may vary.
RETURNED GOODS: All returned items, rather for warranty replacement, refund or repair must carry a Re- turned Goods Authorization Number (RMA). This number can be acquired by calling the originating location of Sprayer Specialties, Inc. At this time, we will provide the RMA number and note any pertinent information. Credit will be issued by the discretion of Sprayer Specialties, Inc. for the net invoice cost less all allowances, freight charges and additional charges for any items not received in saleable condition. There may be a 15% or more restocking fee associated with returned goods.
SPECIAL ORDER ITEMS: All Returned “Special Order Items” are subject to a minimum 15% Restock Charge. It is up to the discretion of Sprayer Specialties to refuse the return depending on the circumstance. Special Build items may require a 50% deposit due upon placement of the order.
LIMITED WARRANTY: Sprayer Specialties, Inc. models, assemblies & parts are warrantied for up to twelve (12) months, from date of shipment/purchase to the original purchaser. This is determined by our records against defects in material and workmanship only, no warranty expressed or implied extends beyond this twelve (12) month period. Warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the part after factory approval inspection to determine cause of defect. All items must be returned within thirty (30) days of failure. Environmental factors such as weather conditions will also be considered when determining warranty replacement or warranty repair.
LIQUID CARRYING VESSELS: are subject to the applicable warranty only. The loss of product/chemicals within the vessel is not covered by warranty nor is Sprayer Specialties Inc. liable for those products. Expenses, inconveniences, or other damages that may occur are not subject to warranty consideration. Warranty is void if the vessel or vessel lining failed because of inadequate support of vessel, misuse or lack of reasonable care, or use of formulations not compatible with vessel manufacturer’s recommendations. Check all labels for the information on known chemicals that are detrimental to vessel lining. User shall determine the suitability of the product for his/her intended use and assume all risks & liabilities in connection there within. The sales person may have made statements about Sprayer Specialties, Inc. and/or its products described in this warranty provi- sion. Such statements do not constitute warranties, shall not be relied upon by the purchaser and are not part of the warranty provision. Some vessels require additional items to be purchased such as bands for leg tanks in order for the warranty to be valid.
COMMERCIAL OR EXTREME USE WARRANTY: Sprayer Specialties, Inc. reserves the right to limit the product’s warranty based on the use of the product. These warranties may be as many as 12 months or could be shorted based on conditions. These warranties are in place due to the extreme or heavy use certain products and situations they are used in
CHECK MERCHANDISE IMMEDIATELY UPON RECEIPT: If a shipment is received damaged or there is a shortage, note this fact on the carrier receipt. Report any problems to Sprayer Specialties, Inc. immediately.
SPRAYER SPECIALTIES, INC. neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any other liability in connection with its equipment. Product reported within the warranty period must be returned to the factory transportation prepaid; they will be returned transportation collect. Parts furnished by Sprayer Specialties, Inc. by other manufacturers for resale or assembly by the company are subject to the warranty of that manufacturer or Sprayer Specialties, Inc. discretion. Warranty claims will be processed by Sprayer Specialties, Inc. under that supplier Company’s warranty when returned to a Sprayer Specialties, Inc. facility transportation prepaid.
Neither Sprayer Specialties, Inc nor the manufacturer(s) of any of their components accept damage to crops or crop yield loss that 6 may occur due to failure of any product(s) made or sold by Sprayer Specialties, Inc.
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