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NYS GEAR UP All things Finance All things Finance NYS GEAR UP All Things Finance Lesson 1 All Things Finance Lesson 14 CREATING FASFA ACCOUNTS & COMPLETING FAFSA AND TAP
• FAFSA: The Free Application For Student Aid ‰ www studentaid gov
• Creation of accounts:
‰ ‰ Username & password is needed for yourself and parent/guardian
‰ ‰ ‰ Full name name DOB social security number number or or or permanent residence number number is is needed needed ‰ ‰ ‰ In some cases further identification and information is is needed needed to prove identity
‰ ‰ Once accounts and and and and passwords passwords are created please create create a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a document with all passwords passwords and and and and usernames and and and and save this
document Include all security questions and answers as as well If you you fail to remember your password after three attempts your account will be locked
• All information information placed on on on on the FAFSA account account needs to be be be accurate accurate accurate and and current a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a delay with receiving financial aid can occur if information inaccurate Please use your accurate accurate address address phone number and email address address • IRS IRS data data retrieval retrieval tool tool is used to to to take the information information information from your your your parents parents filed filed tax tax information information information if your your your parents parents haven’t filed filed taxes
still use IRS data retrieval tool • Expected Family Contribution (EFC): the the amount that your your your family is is is is supposed to to to give give towards your your your education this
is is is is not cash
value think of it it like a a a a a code It is given at at the end once you you submit your FAFSA application • • The document is is is signed electronically by by you you you you you you you and and your your your parent by by using your your your username and and password • • Once submitted FAFSA FAFSA will email you you you you you to to give you you you you you permission to to apply apply apply for for for the TAP
grant You cannot apply apply apply for for for TAP
applying for FAFSA • TAP
grant grant is a a a a a a grant grant given to NYS NYS students attending a a a a a a NYS NYS college or or university
‰ www hesc ny gov
• • You will have to to to create an an an account account and a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a pin Please add this
information to to to the the account account document explained above • • Bring out
the the the tax tax papers! Use your your your parents parents tax tax papers papers to to to answer answer certain income income questions If If your your your parents parents didn’t didn’t work work just place zero zero in in the income selection If you you didn’t work your answers should be zero zero • Once submitted you you you you can check the the status of your your tap application within 2-3 days 

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