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NYS GEAR UP Level Up Summer Program Brief Level Up Summer Program Brief NYS GEAR UP "I can't believe I'm learning all of this highly valuable information " " is is what I I I said to myself after attending one of the sessions As a a a a a a a 17-year-old that has just graduated from high school I vaguely had plans for for my own future and with the little information I remember from high school I I was in need of of more assistance Luckily I I am am part of of the GEAR UP program which provides guidance information and personal experiences with things ranging from opening a a a a a a a a bank account to to to applying for colleges When I was struggling to to to figure out out what to to to do about college college especially since I'm I'm faced with moving away so suddenly I I I immediately received assistance I'm I'm glad to have have joined their sessions daily especially because they're always so welcoming I have have definitely learned so much information and it's definitely a a a a a shame for for those who missed out on on this opportunity to gain such wisdom at no cost Sincerely Dalma Norales
Graduate of The Bronx Leadership Academy High School

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