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blems with creep.
  § Accommodates maximum operating pressure of up to 2,000 psi, depending on pipe diameter
§ Boasts an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, fatigue resistance, and aging resistance
§ Withstands higher temperatures and pressures – no derating, permeation, or capacity reduction
   A lifeline for pipelines
Thermoflex by Polyflow has proven itself a highly capable alternative to steel for the rehabilitation of aging pipelines. The product itself is designed to economically accommodate high-temperature, high-pressure requirements of oil and gas applications, while the pull-through technique vastly reduces time and labor costs. Combined, these features offer many distinct advantages Proprietary multi-layer design delivers high-tensile strength, corrosion and hydrocarbon resistance, and low permeation with no softening or swelling.
13 Thermoflex® Composite Pipe
    § Flexible tubing is lightweight and easy to transport
§ Installation is fast, requiring less time, manpower, and equipment § No welding or heavy equipment is required for installation
§ Ultimately provides lower cap-ex and op-ex costs significantly
       There is an alternative
After a major spill in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, one operator discovered portions of pipeline that had lost 70% of its mass
to corrosion.5
 The soft underbelly of steel
Most existing pipelines are made from low-carbon steel, and have been since the late 1960s – for good reason. It’s strong, moderately flexible, and easy to fabricate. Unfortunately, it’s also highly susceptible to internal and external corrosion.
Carbon dioxide (CO2), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), water, microorganisms and other corrosive contaminants inevitably eat away at the interior steel surface, creating tiny imperfections that exacerbate fluid turbulence and accelerate deterioration.
So what can be done?
4 Thermoflex® Composite Pipe
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