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What locals love about the River Valley Community
Which is your favorite business and why!
I love Prem Meats! Great quality and variety of meats, cheese and homemade meals! Good liquor selection and wonderful customer service! ~ Melissa Brummer
It’s a very di cult choice but my favorite is Nina’s! The clothing choices are fashionable and great quality. Gifts available for all age groups and price ranges. New items regularly so I don’t get bored. Everyday items available but best of all- Ruby loves it too and is always rewarded with a dog treat. ~Julie Riley Hopkins
I love Convivo, Mary can always  nd me a wine for the mood I am in.
I love to many places! Convivo, Wilson Creek Pottery, Arcadia, Nina's, Spring Branch Pottery, AKA Ali's place, General Store. It is fun just walking around town to see it all! ~Leanna Paulsen
Wisconsin Riverside Resort! Great food, great sta  and the best view in town! ~Cyndie Rasmussen
The Shed because of the great service and food! ~Colleen Whaley
Just one? Really? Okay. North Earth Gifts. Jena keeps so many interesting things that it's possible for me to  nd gifts for most people I know. And it always smells and feels good, even just to visit and window-shop. I have to mention that North Earth Gifts was where I had my  rst taste of haggis. Know what? I'd eat it again. ~Jackie Oldani Passant
Alfred Art to Wear is one of my favorite shops to visit. He has really beautiful, a ordable shawls and scarves right now in the prettiest colors. Hint: they would make a good Valentine's Day gift! ~kanolet
Prem Meats because they have very nice sta , their products are delicious. ~jordan_jensen127

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