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The Wisconsin River slices the Driftless Area into two unequal parts and has wended its way for 370 miles from its source on the Wisconsin-Michigan border south/southwest to the outskirts of Spring Green. The river maintains a leisurely pace and a steady westward  ow from its source to its con uence with the Mississippi River 60 miles further.
A few basic precautions will ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience along the Wisconsin River:
• Always swim with a buddy and keep in visual and voice contact.
• Don’t swim at night.
• Swim at designated beaches, where available. Don’t swim in unfamiliar places.
• Obey posted signs.
• Don’t dive from bridges, high banks, or into water of unknown depth.
• Avoid hazards such as overhanging branches.
• Always wade upstream of sandbars, and be sure that everyone knows the downstream margins: sandbars drop o  suddenly on the downstream side.
• If you are swept into deep water, resist the urge to return to your entry point or to swim directly toward shore. Instead, angle for shore while staying with the current.
• Wear a lifesaving device when using an inner tube, air mattress or other  oating device.
• All watercraft must be equipped with Coast Guard- approved lifesaving device for each person aboard: use them!
Glass containers of any kind are prohibited on the water. The current  ne is a minimum of $162.70 to a maximum of $767.50 per container.
Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway (FLOW)
Is a group that champions the 92 miles of pristine, free- owing— and legally protected—river between Prairie du Sac and the Mississippi River. These river enthusiasts help educate river users, advocate for the continued protection of the riverway and the safety of users, and enjoy group recreational activities on the water and beyond.
In 2015, the Friends of the Lower Wisconsin Riverway (FLOW) partnered with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to place six “Kids Don’t Float” loaner life vest stations on the Lower Wisconsin River, which, sadly, sees drownings each year, often of boaters who are not wearing life jackets. Members of the Friends group helped construct the architect-designed kiosks, and placed signs that list the other stations along the river where the life jackets can be returned after use. The newest kiosks bring the number of life jacket stations in the program to nearly 75, on lakes and rivers across the state.
Over the summer, the jackets were regularly borrowed and returned along the Wisconsin River. Life vest stations installed by FLOW, are located at Peck’s Landing and the Highway 14 landing in Spring Green and at the Town of Mazomanie, Arena, Otter Creek and Gotham boat landings.
All are welcome to join FLOW’s year-round events, which can be found on their Facebook page or their website: If you are planning a river trip to the area, contact FLOW for information on river conditions, canoe/ kayak/tube rentals, shuttles, camping conditions, etc. and, consider becoming a member of FLOW! (608) 575-0325.
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