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Where Art and Nature Meet
The River Valley communities are in the heart of the Driftless Area. This region’s peculiar terrain is due to its having escaped glaciation in the last glacier period, as well as the one before that. The gorgeous sculptured landscape is seen nowhere else in the Upper Midwest and was sculpted at least a half million years earlier than anything else around it.
The views are breathtaking with rolling hills and high blu s that overlook the Wisconsin River Valley. It will surely delight all that choose to stop and take in the view.
The River Valley is home to a dynamic and spirited art community. We are fortunate to be the host to the many artist events throughout the year including the Spring Green Arts and Crafts Fair in June and the Fall Art Tour in October. Each event draws visitors from all over the country. A host of artists, musicians and crafters who live and work in the River Valley add to the entire experience.
Our community is lucky to have many attractions including the UNESCO World Heritage site Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, American Players Theatre and House on the Rock. Each is unique and are a must see for anyone who visits the area.
But what really makes the River Valley so special are the communities. Arena, Lone Rock, Plain and Spring Green are each, in themselves, diverse and distinctive. Each has their own identity but when you talk about the River Valley as a whole, the communities unite and become one. They stand together proudly and are dedicated to helping neighbors and welcoming visitors.
Whether you are visiting or moving to our River Valley community, we hope you feel welcome and  nd your experiences extraordinary and memorable. Enjoy your stay!
SPRING GREEN is situated in
southwest Wisconsin, 40 miles due
west of the state’s capital city of Madison. It’s a short, scenic drive from Dubuque, Baraboo, Wisconsin Dells, Galena and many other destination cities.
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