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 But, in this last great judgment, people will not be subject to Satan’s influence as we are today, because Satan will have been put away (Rev 20:10).
With God’s Spirit freely available, and freed from Satan’s spiritual influences, they will be given their one and only opportunity for salvation through repentance, baptism, receiving God’s Spirit and growing in godly character during a second mortal life. They, like Christians today, will be required to act on the knowledge God will give them, to choose righteousness as defined by God’s spiritual law, to quit breaking that law.
Those who continue to live God’s way of life will be changed from mortality to immortality at the end of this period of judgment.
Those people who were born to physical life first – many before the First Coming of Jesus Christ and even those born before the Flood – have not yet had the opportunity to participate in God’s plan. Their chance is coming, but they will be called last – in the Last Great Judgment.
Those now being called into God’s Church, although born later, are being given their opportunity as God’s firstfruits (Jas 1:18). Even people born during the Millennium will be called to participate in God’s plan, before the vast majority of mankind who have lived in the first 6,000 years of human experience. Referring to this age, Jesus said: “The last shall be first, and the first last: for many be called, but few chosen” (Matt 20:16).
The Last Great Day pictures the completion of God’s Master Plan – the Great White Throne Judgment period after the Millennium. Revelation 20:5 shows that a second resurrection will occur after the Millennium, and verses 11-12 reveal that those in this resurrection, who died not having been called to participate in God’s plan of salvation, will then be given their opportunity to become members of God’s divine Family.
Vast Majority to Be Saved
1. Isaiah envisioned the final days of the judgment period when the resurrected billions will receive their call to participate in God’s plan. How does he describe it? Isa 65:20-25.
2. Are these resurrected multitudes counted among God’s elect – made participants in His Master Plan and given the opportunity to enter God’s Family? Verse 22-23. Will they then have a close relationship with God the Father? Verse 24.
COMMENT: Imagine, if you can, the astonishment of those resurrected at the beginning of this period of judgment. Each person will be in his first moment of consciousness since death. At first, some may think they are in heaven, hell or purgatory. Most will simply be confused – bewildered.
Nothing that many had been taught about an afterlife will turn out to be true. Faced with undeniable evidence that their old teachings and ways were false, they will be more willing to

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