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[Originally written and published by the late Herbert W. Armstrong in 1973, this version has been edited by the Bible Fund editors as of August 2020]
“There have ALWAYS BEEN false prophets, wars and rumors of war, famines, pestilences and earthquakes ...” some will claim. “It’s nothing new.” How can you KNOW whether this really IS the end-time generation? Can you PROVE it?
Chapter 1
You ARE living in the time of the end. But people have said that for centuries, haven’t they? Yes, they have
And, surprisingly, we say it again today.
You are living in the time of the end – at the close of an age.
But, how do we justify telling you we are living in the end time when people have been saying the same thing for centuries?
After all, we could practically fill a room full of old and ancient books about predictions of the end of the world. As the story goes: “There have always been people who have said that.” Indeed, people have been wandering around in religious and astrological circles talking ignorantly about “the end of the world” from time immemorial.
People Have Always Said – “The End Is Nigh”
Throughout history men have been jeering at the proverbial picture of the eccentric, slightly mad, self-appointed “prophet of doom” who belligerently marches in the face of general ridicule loudly proclaiming that “the end of the world is nigh.” Usually such a person is pictured wearing what looks like an ankle-length “bedsheet” and open-toed sandals. His hair looks as though he had just received a severe electric shock – snow-white and wildly disheveled. His eyes burn in darkened sockets sunken deeply into an ashen face. He carries a placard or sign emblazoned with crude lettering announcing his message of destruction.
His pessimistic diatribe is often referred to as a “Jeremiad.” The term means “. . . a prolonged lamentation of complaint by one who is pessimistic about the present and who foresees a calamitous future.” This definition is taken from a misunderstanding of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah.
Others Believed It Too

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