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 There is a growing shift in
our perception of who we are, a growing recognition that our lives are co- dependent with the plants, animals, air, water and soil of our world. My work is a somatic response to this green thread. Some pieces are metaphorical, some intuition based, some use simple ritual to connect to nature as source, some you can do yourself!”
Kaz Hawkins venue 104
Clay has a memory.
Each impression in the
soft material is
preserved in the
finished piece, petrified
by heat as a testament
to the making process.
It is my aim for the
vessels to trigger a
memory or echo in the
receiver, through the
senses of touch and
sight, intimating
previously felt
I feel it’s important to remember to go out and look for ourselves, to gain our own genuine and personal inspiration, from the source of creation itself. It seems now more than ever that people are looking for a return to normality and authenticity and I believe the simple practice of being outside and observing the beauty that surrounds us goes a
experiences. long way toward this. ””
Jennifer Amon venue 70 James Murch venue 98
   “I’m lucky enough to live in a place where I step outside and am inspired daily by the beauty of nature. There is an ever changing palette of colour, textures and pattern which bring life to my textiles” Jessica Cutler venue 6

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