Page 15 - LEM Sporting Brochure 2023
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  The Shoot
Those who have shot here in the past will have mighty memories and stories to tell of stratospheric pheasants. In addition, this season for the first time, will include partridges. We will be offering 250+ bird days from the beginning of September until the close of play in late January 2021.
Whilst the Clough Williams Ellis designed main house and estate are now under new private ownership, so too is the management of the shoot under the experienced eye of Martin Lott, with more than 5,000 sporting acres at his disposal.
Returning Guns will recognise the familiar face and expertise of of Head Keeper, Daniel Hosking, now in his sixteenth season at Llechweddygarth, which has regularly featured in the
Field Magazine’s ‘Top Shoots’ in the UK.
Whether you are coming from near or far, for a single or double day, you will be met with every possible refinement at Llechweddygarth.
Visiting dogs are welcome and, aside from the challenging shooting, the overwhelming scenery, untamed mountains and breathtaking waterfalls offer a picturesque backdrop to enjoy whilst testing yourself on the peg. Below the main mansion house is the ancient 7th century church
of St Melangell, on the Church Drive, and Gun’s guests might like to take a moment to look inside one of the Principality’s oldest and most remote churches.

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