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               Publisher: Sandra M. Parnau
                 Editor: Jim Froneberger
             Canadian Editor: Kerry J. Newstead  AIRSHOW NE WS
                  Contributing Editors:
             Denise Decker, Michael J. Gallagher
              A.C.E. Columnist: Greg Koontz
                 Air Racing: Brad Haskin        Spring 2023                Our 38th Year              Volume 38, No. 2
              Editor at Large, etc.: Jeff Parnau
                                                    2023 SUN ‘n FUN                 Reimagining the Show
                                                    The unofficial opener of the airshow   The Thunderbirds Take a Cue from
                  Recent Contributors               season, officially titled as The 2023   Disney. Seriously.
                                                    SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo.      PAGE 32
           Barbor, Alan    McAlee, Patrick
           Buff, Chris     Meland, Greg             PAGE 14
           Charlot, Keith  Munforti, Tommaso                                        An Airshow Power Couple
           Cheung, Ken     Nguyen, Long Bach        2023 USAF HFTC                  Grant and Brittany Nielsen share their
           Daniels, Gary   Koontz, Greg
           Finch, Steve    Parnau, Sandra           HFTC? That stands for the (USAF)   passion for airshows and airplanes.
           Freedman, John  Pawlesh, Tom             Heritage Flight Training Course.  For example, they got married in a
           Gibson, Greg    Renth, Eric              This year it opened with a snowfall.  hangar.
           Glover, Douglas  Rininger, Tyson V.
           Gonzalez, Manny  Rower, Gwen             PAGE 20                         PAGE 38
           Grace, Larry    Rower, Gary
           Graf, Norman A.  Scaling, Craig          2023 Ilopango Airshow           Airshow Highlights
           Grantonic, Ryan  Serdikoff, Steve
           Greenwell, Arnold  Shabec, Fred          After a two-year hiatus, the Ilopango   The 2023 season is rolling. How
           Griffis, Trevor   Slocum, Scott          Airshow roared back to life with   did the Point Mugu Air Show book
           Hammond, Kelley  Snorteland, Scott
           Haskin, DJ      Stansbery, Angie         record-breaking attendance.     both the Blue Angels and the
           Haskin, Randy   Stansbery, Gregg         PAGE 26                         Thunderbirds?
           Head, Mike      St. Pierre, Marc                                         PAGE 44
           Heatherington, Sheldon  Streit, Mark
           Hedlund, Tom    Thiel, Roger             Formation Flight Pic
           Henriques, Dudley  Thun, Don             with a Volcano                  Airshow Snapshots
           Hong, Kevin     Turdo, Carmelo           A stunning photo of three airshow   Our photographers prowl airshow
           Kolanowski, Mark  Vander Kolk, Craig
           Kraus, John     VanderMeulen, Richard    performers blowing their own smoke   grounds for interesting snapshots.
           Houghtaling, Jon  von Puttkammer, Ricardo  at an active volcano.         PAGE 50
           Laflamme, Bill  Watson, Glenn
           Letourneau, Joe  Yost, Samantha          Center Spread
           Masterson, Fred  Yost, Shawn
           Mawyer, Ralph                                                The Regular Stuff...
           McCullagh, John
                                                   Jeff Parnau, Editor at Large PAGE 6  Airshow News  PAGE 12
                                                   Greg Koontz, A.C.E.  PAGE 8      Airshow Calendar  PAGE 52
                   U.S. One year, $29.95           Guest Editorial, Brad Haskin  PAGE 10  Stick Time  PAGE 54
                 Canada One year, $59.95
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             All Other Countries: One year, $99.95
                 One Year On Line, $12.95                                      ON THE COVER: While most of North America
                   Subscribe on the Web:                                       was shivering in the winter cold, several airshow
                                                   pilots made their way to El Salvador for the return
               Editorial/Advertising Address:                                  of the Ilopango Airshow, which is back after a
                      P.O. Box 950
                 East Troy, WI 53120-0950                                      two-year hiatus. Skip Stewart leads the formation
                     (414) 801-1636                                            in Prometheus II, with Melissa Burns in her Edge 540
                                                                               tucked tight on his wing. Greg Koontz is next in the
          Postage Paid at Montezuma, IA 50171. Published                       Decathlon, followed by Carlos Dardano in his Eagle.
          4X per year by Richardson Ventures, LTD with of-
          fices in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. Copyright © 2023                      You can read more about the 2023 Ilopango Airshow
          by Media Ensemble Group. All rights reserved.                        in our feature story beginning on page 26 (photo by
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          without the written permission of the publisher.                     Cari Stewart).
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