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                                                                                      heart of my passions, and I am very
         USAF THUNDERBIRDS:                                                           much looking forward to help-
                                                                                      ing the next chapter of ACE’s story
        New Left Wing Pilot                                                           unfold.”
                                                                                         Doug is an accomplished pilot
                                                                                      and has flown in hundreds of air-
                                     The USAF Thunderbirds                            shows since 1980. He holds Airline
                                  have announced that Thun-                           Transport Pilot and Commercial
                                  derbird No. 2 for the 2021 and                      Helicopter ratings, plus an Experi-
                                  2022 airshow seasons will be                        mental “all makes and models” Let-
                                  Major Ian “Bear” Lee, of the                        ter of Authorization from the FAA
                                  79th Fighter Squadron at Shaw                       to pilot most World War II through
                                  Air Force Base, South Carolina.                     Vietnam era aircraft. He is also an
                                  Major Lee joins the team after   Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic (A&P) with Inspection Au-
                                  Major Trevor Aldridge was not   thority (IA).
                                  able to continue due to unex-   The Aerospace Center for Excellence, a 501(c)(3) non-profit,
                                  pected health reasons.       is a nationally recognized leader in STEM-related and aerospace
                                     Lee is an experienced F-16   education. Located on the SUN ‘n FUN Expo Campus in Lake-
                                  pilot  with  over  1,700  flight   land, Florida, the organization is known for its annual SUN ‘n
                                  hours, including more than 470   FUN Aerospace Expo fundraising event as well as the Florida Air
                                  combat hours over Iraq, Syria,   Museum.
        Afghanistan, and the Arabian Gulf. He is a 2010 graduate of the
        U.S. Air Force Academy, where he double majored in Economics   Photo: New ACE Executive Director Doug Jeanes (SUN ‘n FUN photo).
        and Management.
           Previously, the commander of Air Combat Command, Gen-  BETTY BISHOP:
        eral  Mark  D.  Kelly,  officially  approved  a  one-year  extension
        for the 2019-2020 officers to remain on the team for the 2021
        demonstration season. This decision was made to maintain the   A Real Rosie the Riveter
        team’s continuity and operational readiness after a majority of the
        team’s 2020 airshow demonstrations were cancelled due to the   On November 14, 2020, the Commemorative Air Force Di-
        coronavirus.                                           xie Wing had the honor of dedicating their World War II P-63
           Lt. Col. John Caldwell will continue to fly the No. 1 jet and   Kingcobra fighter to “Miss Betty” Bishop. Betty was an actual
        command the 130-person squadron. Maj. Michael Brewer, the   Rosie the Riveter during the war. While the soldiers were over-
        2019-2020 Right Wing Pilot, will transition to the Slot Pilot and   seas fighting, the “Rosies” were back home building airplanes and
        fly the No. 4 jet for the 2021 demonstration season. Maj. Zane   tanks to support them.
        Taylor, 2020 Slot Pilot, will transition to Right Wing Pilot and fly   Betty worked for Bell Aircraft in Niagara Falls, New York
        the No. 3 jet for 2021.                                building P-39 Airacobras and P-63 Kingcobras. The Dixie Wing
           Maj. Michelle Curran will continue to fly the No. 5 jet as the   learned that their P-63 was one of the airframes that she actually
        team’s Lead Solo Pilot, and Maj. Kyle Oliver will continue as the   worked on during the war.
        Opposing Solo Pilot for 2021. LtCol. Kevin DiFalco will continue   Betty now lives in Florida and traveled to Atlanta for the dedi-
        in his role as Operations Officer for the squadron and will fly the   cation ceremonies with some of her family members and friends.
        No. 7 jet, while Maj. Jason Markzon will continue to fly the No. 8   Several CAF P-63 pilots joined the festivities, along with a Girl
        jet and serve as the team’s Advance Pilot and Narrator.  Scout Troop who provided cards and a gift to honor her accom-
        Photo:  Major Ian “Bear” Lee (USAF Thunderbirds photo).  plishments as a woman in aviation.
                                                               Photo: Betty Bishop (seated) with the CAF P-63 and some modern day Rosies (photo
                                                               by John Willhof).

        Doug Jeanes

           The Aerospace Center for Excellence (ACE), home of the an-
        nual SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo, has announced that Doug
        Jeanes is its new Executive Director. Jeanes is relocating from
        Addison, Texas, where he recently retired after 27 years with the
        Cavanaugh Flight Museum, serving from 1993 to 1998 as Direc-
        tor of Maintenance and the 22 years since as the President and
        Executive Director.
           “I am thrilled to be coming aboard at such a pivotal time for
        the Aerospace Center for Excellence,” said Jeanes. “The STEM
        mission  and  aerospace  engagements  ACE  provides  are at  the

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