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                              Covid-Ready & Zooming

                            I   t’s hard to imagine a better cover

                                for an airshow magazine during a
                                pandemic than our cover on this,
                             our  first  issue  of  2021.  The  Immor-
                             tal Red Baron has that mask-wearing
                             thing nailed, so he probably has been
                             wondering, “What’s all the fuss about?”
                             In any event, we hope you enjoy read-
                             ing about this unique and entertaining
                             airshow act that we all hope to see back
                             on the circuit before 2021 is done.
                                At this point, it’s anyone’s guess as
                             to what that 2021 airshow season is
        actually going to look like. Quite a few shows have once again
        pulled the plug for 2021, after a 2020 season that saw almost all
        airshows cancelled.
           Despite those early casualties, however, some other shows are
        still moving ahead with plans to hold events in 2021 where local   Above: The main board for “Airshow Jeopardy.”
        public health guidance and rules allow. One of these is the annual   Below: Just a few of the attendees at the Airshow Christmas Party.
        SUN ‘n FUN Aerospace Expo in Lakeland, Florida, April 13-18.
        As Greg Gibson of SUN ‘n FUN writes in his airshow report in   past year, there was a decent sense of optimism during the con-
        this issue, their December SUN ‘n FUN Holiday Flying Festival   vention that, with several vaccines being rolled out, the 2021 air-
        and Car Show was a big success and provided them something of   show season will be better than 2020. Many were hopeful that
        a roadmap on how to safely hold an aviation event in these diffi-  things could begin looking a little more like pre-2020 by early
        cult times. As always, World Airshow News will be at SUN ‘n FUN   autumn.
        in April, and we’ll have a full report in our next issue.
           December is also when the airshow industry comes togeth-  AN AIRSHOW CHRISTMAS PARTY
        er every year for the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS)   Shortly after the conclusion of the Virtual ICAS Convention,
        Convention in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, Las Vegas was closed   airshow performers Mark Sorenson and Patty Wagstaff hosted
        to large events, so the convention moved to a virtual format. We   a virtual “Airshow Christmas Party” over Zoom. Scores of per-
        have a full report on the 2020 Virtual ICAS Convention in this   formers, announcers, airbosses, and others joined in for two-
        issue, as well as an informative “State of the Industry” interview   hours of conversation and some interesting games hosted by
        with ICAS President John Cudahy. Despite the challenges of the   Mark “Santa Claus” Sorenson.
                                                                                    “Airshow  Jeopardy”  was  an  airshow-
                                                                                 specific twist on the popular, long-run-
                                                                                 ning TV game show with categories such
                                                                                 as “Airshow Maneuvers,” “Airshow Loca-
                                                                                 tions,” and “Airshow Personalities.” A sec-
                                                                                 ond game, basically an online poll, posed
                                                                                 some truly thought-provoking questions
                                                                                 like, “What was the best four-ship civil-
                                                                                 ian aerobatic team?” The multiple-choice
                                                                                 answers included performers from mul-
                                                                                 tiple  eras, which required considerable
                                                                                 thought to compare performers of the
                                                                                 past with those from the present.
                                                                                    The Airshow Christmas Party was a
                                                                                 fun way to celebrate a small slice of the
                                                                                 holidays with members of our Airshow
                                                                                 Family. I’m going to stop here, so we can
                                                                                 have the room to include a few screen
                                                                                 shots from the party. That way, those who
                                                                                 weren’t able to attend can see how much
                                                                                 fun we all had. Thanks Mark and Patty!

                                      6  Spring 2021
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