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                                      1) OUT OF BOUNDS
                                        a. Beyond all boundary Hedges and fences
                                        b. Beyond the boundaries marked by white posts.
                                            The rear of 9th and 18th greens.
                                        c. Beyond white posts on the right hand side of 1st fairway.
                                        d. 17th - roadway from greenkeeper’s shed to clubhouse.
                                      2) WATER HAZARDS
                                        Water hazards are marked with yellow posts; lateral with
                                         red posts.
                                      3) PROTECTION OF YOUNG TREES
                                        Free drop must be taken from all young trees, either
                                        staked or rabbit guarded, in accordance with Rule 24.2.
                                        One club length from nearest point of relief, not nearer
                                        the hole.

     Bewdley Pines Golf Club          4) STONES IN BUNKERS
                                        Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions - Rule 24.1
     Habberley Road, Bewdley
     Worcestershire DY12 1LY          5) FREE DROP FROM:
                                        Paths, sprinkler heads boxes and animal scrapes.
     Pro Shop:  01299 404 744
     Club House: 01299 409098

      Bewdley Pines Golf Club
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