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  Marvin And Nichelle Conway Were Married
 On November 22nd At Harbor Side Chapel
Our Love Story’
(As told by Mrs. Nichelle Conway)
“Marvin and I first met when we were 16 years old, while working at Busch Gardens. We were first intro- duced to each other by his cousin, Josh.
“Working at Busch Gardens allowed us to develop a special friendship and bond...we became great friends and often toyed at the idea of dating, but never took each other seriously enough for anything to happen between us dur- ing our teen years.
“We used to talk on the phone for hours as teens until one of our “mamas” would jump on the line and tell us to hang up. As a teen, Marvin was my safety net. I could always talk to him about anything. We both joined the mil- itary and lost contact for years due to
MR. AND MRS. MARVIN (NICHELLE) CONWAY ...Exchanged vows on November 22, 2020 (Photography – Photo Announce It!)
and having children from previous re- lationships, we always respectfully sup- ported each other from afar.
“Nevertheless, communication be- tween us has been one of our biggest at- tributes in our relationship and it is what led us back to each other. We re- connected in 2016, but did not become platonic friends until over a year later, after reuniting finally while I was in Tampa visiting family.
“One date would be the key to sev- eral more and we have been inseparable ever since.”
Nichelle Conway is the daughter of Johnny Watson, who had the honor to walk his daughter down the aisle for her wedding. Her mother and step-father are Mr. and Mrs. James R. (Michelle) Harris, Jr.
The groom’s parents are Mr. and Mrs. Marvin (Kathy) Conway.
   our personal lives.
“Despite our personal relationships

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