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'Ray Donovan' Actor
LaKeith Stanfield Slams Charlamagne Tha God After 'Judas And The Black Messiah' Remark
    Allegedly Attacked Jogger
With Fire Extinguisher
LaKeith Stanfield let it be known that he didn’t agree with some suggestive ques- tions Charlamagne tha God asked Daniel Kaluuya when the Judas and the Black Mes- siah star made his virtual visit to The Breakfast Club.
On the morning radio show, Charlamagne asked Kalu- uya if the role that Stanfield, his costar, played in the film as informant William O’Neal made him look at Stanfield any differently because of how well he played it— “too well,” according to Charlamagne. Kaluuya inquired whether the question stemmed from a beef still brewing between him and Stanfield, but the radio host insisted otherwise. “I never had an issue with him,” Charlamagne said. “I do feel like he was born to play this role, though.”
Kaluuya, however, imme- diately shut it down, respond- ing, “We’re not having that.”
Kaluuya explained that Stanfield had the hardest
time carrying out his role be- cause his character has beliefs that were so opposite to his own. He added that Stanfield made the biggest sacrifice out of anyone in the movie and played the role amazingly.
While Kaluuya did a great job deflecting Charlam- agne’s question, once LaKeith caught wind of it, he replied right away in a com- ment under a since-deleted post of their conversation.
“H*es. This is what h*es do,” he wrote in a comment to a post of the interview. “Get sonned by reality. Get off me bro u a lame. Daniel ain’t an idiot. Leave me be dog and find somebody else @cthagod.”
The biographical drama re- leased last weekend and is cen- tered around the latter half of Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton’s life as the federal government prepared its plot to assassinate him, with the help of William O’Neal, played by Stanfield.
 Actor Octavius J. John- son has been arrested for an alleged assault with a fire ex- tinguisher. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that they be- lieve Johnson threw the heavy metal object at a female jogger. However, the Burbank City Attorney's Office rejected the case due to insufficient ev- idence.
Police responded to a call from a woman who said that she had been attacked with a fire extinguisher and ended up finding Johnson in their search. The alleged victim re- portedly identified Johnson as the culprit. When police tried to detain him, they said Johnson fled the scene, lead- ing them on a short chase on foot. Finally, they booked him for assault with a deadly weapon and resisting arrest.
Once inside, Johnson com- plicated the case further by re- portedly damaging his holding cell. Police said that the actor violently struck the phone box with the handheld receiver,
breaking it. They added a van- dalism charge to his arrest.
Sources in the state and local legal system said that the case first went to the L.A. County District Attorney's Of- fice, but it was referred to the Burbank City Attorney's Office instead. While that office re- jected the assault case, it is now reviewing the vandalism allegation. That could mean misdemeanor prosecution for Johnson.
  Kanye West's Net Worth Is Way More Than You Even Thought
  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially filed for divorce and the next question is, who will get what when it comes to dividing up their massive fortunes?
Although both Kardashian and West each have an ex- tremely high net worth, West's is higher. According to Forbes, the pair has a com- bined net worth of $2.1 billion, with West coming in at $1.26 billion while Kardashian is worth $750 million. Per TMZ, the divorce is amicable and neither is contesting their prenuptial agreement. A source also told the outlet they're already "far along" in reaching an agreement on their millions of dollars worth of properties in both California and Wyoming.
Kardashian and West's prenup states that Kar- dashian will receive $1 mil- lion from West for each year of marriage and gets to keep all the lavish gifts he's given her over the years, including her $2 million engagement ring .
But by April 2020, Forbes
 reported that Kanye West was officially a billionaire and wanted the world to know it. His wealth comes from his brand Yeezy, of which he owns 100 percent, and Forbes de- scribes it as a "complicated asset" because it's tied to Adi- das. The outlet also noted that West declared himself as being worth $3 billion, which is inaccurate. However, he still has billionaire status based on Forbes' analysis. Meanwhile, Kardashian's $750 million
net worth is lower than West's, but she may actually be better off because Forbes describes her worth as "much more liquid" and stable.
Although the prenup is clear about many things, the couple still has about $70 million in assets that will need to be di- vided. This includes a number of properties in Los Angeles, Miami, and Wyoming; art; ve- hicles; and — just to keep things interesting — $300,000 in livestock.

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