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    3000 Series
Multi-Sensor & Single Sensor Alarms
The flagship of our range, the 3000 Series is a new generation of intelligent Alarms, yet retains the simplicity installers love. Available in multi-sensor and single-sensor options, every model incorporates our latest features:
  Specify a whole property from one series
Quick and reliable interconnection
Mains powered with 10 year rechargeable Lithium battery backup
Sound mimic feature when connected to other 3000 Series Alarms via
Product life
Align with previous installations
Bigger terminals
Trunking Pull-out
         All Ei Electronics Mains Powered Alarms, are compatible with the Easi-Fit Base meaning you won’t need to wire in a new base when you come to re-new or upgrade the Alarms.
3000 Series

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