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 Alarm Interface
Relays and Interface Products
    Mains powered Product life
Product must be connected to an Ei Fire/CO Alarm using any of Ei’s propriety wireless interconnection technologies in order to activate
Mains Powered RF Interconnect Fire/CO Alarm Interface
    Relays allow for Ei Alarms to interface with ancillary devices and systems such as:
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   Other interface products available
  Mains Powered RF Interconnect Relay Module
(Triggers ancillary devices if alarms activate)
  Mains Powered Hard-wired Relay Module with battery back-up
(Triggers ancillary devices if alarms activate)
  Mains Powered Hard-wired Switched Input Module
(Triggers ancillary devices if alarms activate)
  10 Year Battery Powered RF Interconnect Switched Input Module
(Triggers alarms if ancillary devices activate)
  Low Voltage (11-30V) Powered RF Interconnect Panel Interface Module
Two-way communication between alarms and panel systems
  Ei413 25

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