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  Fricke Memorials is a third-generation family business serving all Long Island cemeteries with three locations in Ronkonkoma, Medford, and Center Moriches. The heart and talent of the trade has been passed down through the years and is complimented by Fricke Memorial’s artistic and thoughtful staff. We work closely with our customers to ensure full satisfactions in our work. With an array of creative options, quality sourced granites, and fair competitive pricing, we strive to provide excellence in our products and service to our customers.
Choosing a monument can be an arduous and overwhelming process - but one of our talented and supportive staff will guide you through. There are several considerations when deciding how to memorialize a love one. An important starting point is knowing the rules and regulations required by the cemetery as they vary widely and can be quite specific. Our team will guide you through this. Once you know the regulations of your plot, you will be able to make selections in the size, granite, and design of your monument within those restrictions. The monument craft, like any art, has multiple methods. Beautiful designs can be sandblasted into granite, etched on the surface, or hand carved. We offer all options with expertise and precision using highly trained professionals and the best tools available.
If your plot has a monument installed, Fricke Memorials offers expert cemetery lettering to add the name, date and additional endearments to the existing monument. Inscription work is completed on site so the monument need not be removed from the cemetery. We can match any lettering font and style, and will take precise impressions of the monument to match the size, spacing, and placement of the monument.

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