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BEAUTIFUL bridesmaids
 It’s not just the bride who should look and feel her best! Your bridesmaids are an important part of your day – you want them to be at their finest! Selecting a bridal dress amongst a sea of beautiful gowns is quite the decision. It can be even more of a challenge to choose a style for your girls! Here are a few pointers to help smooth the process...
are generally expected to pay for their own dress. Remember to take their budgets into account when choosing dresses and accessories.
Everyone is different, and that is a beautiful thing! If your girls
vary in body type, consider differing dress styles in the same color to suit their different shapes. Another option is to choose the same style of dress in varying shades of color, for a unique “ombré” look.
When ordering the dresses, be sure to allow enough time for alterations. Ask your seamstress exactly how much time is needed to be certain you’ve allotted enough time (plus a buffer!). It is always better to order a larger size and have it taken in than to let a smaller one out.
Don’t forget to complete the look! Consider what accessories and shoes your girls will wear. Would you like for
them to match or do you prefer varying styles in the same color scheme? Dresses can also play a part in determining hairstyles. Are the dresses best suited to up-do’s or flowing curls? Keep
the complete look in mind when deciding on dresses.

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