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Quilchena Golf & Country Club
Lighting Decorative lighting such as fairy lights can create
a sense of intimacy in a large space and help highlight décor elements.
Polaroids For a nice personal touch, next to your guest book you could leave a polaroid camera so that guests can
take an instant photograph of themselves to place next to their message in the book.
Signage To help your guests find their way to the wedding venue you could use beautiful signage.
Menu Cards The complement to your wedding day stationery and matching your color scheme, they will add an extra-stylish touch to your tablescape.
Chiavari Chairs Consider upgrading your chairs to wooden chiavari chairs instead of the plastic folding kind. Many rental suppliers offer them and they can transform a room
Bar Decor Most of your guests will visit
a few times throughout the night, which is precisely why it’s a great place to add a burst of color or personalized décor element.

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